Thursday, June 29, 2006

fake faces everywhere I see, fake people looking back at me

Some of you may remember my post about how disappointed I was with the new From First To Last album... well, I have officially changed my mind... I actually really like Heroine now. So, here’s the story: when I first heard the album, I was in complete disappointment. I loved Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count, and sadly, I just could not get into Heroine. Well, I put aside the album for a while... until about a month ago. I decided to give Heroine another try, and to my surprise, I enjoy it much more than before! Conclusion: it is not always never good to compare albums by the same band as one album can be very different from the other (eg, Björk and Patrick Wolf). I have also made the same mistake at comparing the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record with Fever To Tell… they are two different albums by the same band, and Show Your Bones is just as amazing as Fever To Tell... actually, I think I like Show Your Bones more as it is a more solid album!

Mothersound [wicked-cool song]
The Latest Plague [wicked-cool song]
...And We All Have A Hell
World War Me
The Levy
Waltz Moore
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