Monday, June 26, 2006

plan b raps about cutting people with knives and stabbing people in their eyes

The other day, I received an email from 679 Records promoting this artist named Plan B. I usually pay no attention to emails like this; however, for some strange reasons, I opened up the email and actually checked out the links to a few videos. I was blown away by Plan B’s rhymes and flows... I was especially impressed with his lyrical contents. Some of what Plan B raps about are very real, while some are so deliciously violent! "Sick 2 Def" and "No Good" can easily be compared to some of the most violent Eminem lyrics. Plan B is also kind of unique in that he uses an acoustic guitar to create his backing beats; a definite refreshing touch from all the genetic hip-hop beats out there. In fact, tracks like "Everyday" and "Tough Love" even featured piano and strings. Who Needs Action When You Got takes the best from Mike Skinner and Eminem, making it an amazing record!

Sick 2 Def [wicked-cool song]
No Good [wicked-cool song]
Mama [wicked-cool song]
Where Ya From?

Missin' Links [wicked-cool song]
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