Monday, June 19, 2006

bebop bebop a loo la, bebop a loo la

Pride week starts today. To celebrate, this blog will pay tribute to artists that are in one way or another significantly important to the gay community. So, in the next seven days, I will feature artists such as Madonna, George Michael, Elton John... oh my god... no fucking way! I am just kidding... haha... happy pride week!!

I must admit, the reason why I checked out El Perro del Mar’s new self-titled album was because I thought she looks very pretty on the album cover. So, I was absolutely surprised in actually hearing her music. There is this 50s/60s pop-ish feel to El Perro del Mar’s music... very refreshing! I am writing this after only hearing her album a couple of times, but I think El Perro del Mar is a perfect summer record, especially skipping down the Yorkville area with shopping bags in your hands. (I have yet to try that out because: #1. I can’t afford anything in the Yorkville area and #2. I would probably look retarded skipping down Yorkville with shopping bags in my hands by myself... but trust me, you should totally try it!)

Coming Down the Hill
This Loneliness
It's All Good

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buy El Perro del Mar here


Anonymous said...

Jackman, being a minority myself (Native American), I completely respect and admire your attempt to create social awarness for a marginalized part of the community. With that being said, I feel that you completely neglect to acknowledge the First Nations in this blog, and I am terribly outraged! You will your sleep.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the last post was a little too harsh. I apologize, I am not going to kill you...but i WILL cut you; most likely in your eye!

Jackman said...

ummm... i thought tatonka's japanese. whatever.