Tuesday, June 27, 2006

classic song of the moment

The majority of songs and artists I featured on this blog are all pretty new-ish. So, being a fan of music from all eras, I have decided to create a 'classic song of the moment' feature. So, here’s a song to start this Tuesday morning off, enjoy!

Rod Stewart - Maggie May [wicked-cool song]
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millie said...

may i suggest 'light my candle' from the rent soundtrack for your next classic song of the moment feature? this one's for you baby!

Anonymous said...

I agree. 'Light My Candle' resonates with me on so many levels, in so many different situations. It's like the singers have reached deep into my psyche and articulated emotions that I was never conscious of before. It's definetly a deeply spiritual song with serious social implications. I believe that if everyone in the universe heard 'Light My Candle' all acts of evil would be abolished...war, hunger, clemitia; and love and harmony would flourish. Please feature this song as the next 'Classic song'. Or maybe just call it what it really is, the 'Best Song Ever'.
The One, The Only, Talented,

P.S. Come on Jackman, what is your fixation with Rod Stewart? I thought you would have been over him like seven months ago. Wasn't Maggie May your 'Summmer Jam' LAST SUMMER? I hate to say it, but Jackman, you need help!

Anonymous said...

p.p.s Millie, we have so much in common. I think we should hook up sometime. I know you're seeing some pathetic loser named Jesse, but he is nothing but a weak inferior creature. I will scalp him! with a trout!

Robin said...

remember mrs. wilson??? she always reminded me of rod stewart. or crocodile dundee

Jackman said...

haha, i like how rod stewart stirred up such heated comments!

Jesse Wells said...

Who the hell is Tatonka? He sounds like a moron!

Jackman said...

i think jesse is a bigger moron!