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Björk A to Z

I hope you all liked my Patrick Wolf A to Z post. If not, here’s another attempt at the A to Z thing, the artist this time is Björk, enjoy!

A is for Army of Me: Remixes and Covers. Released in May of 2005, it is an album which features 20 covers and remixes of Björk’s "Army of Me". Bands and artists from all around the world contributed to this album, including this blog’s favorite: Patrick Wolf!
[download: Army of Me (Army of Klaus Remix by Patrick Wolf)]

B is for Björk, the title for her first solo album. She recorded the album when she was only 11 years old. It includes covers by Stevie Wonder and The Beatles.

C is for "Cvalda", a track from Dancer In The Dark.
[download: Cvalda]

D is for Dancer In The Dark. A film in which Björk won for best actress at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. D is for "Domestica", a b-side on the Pagan Poetry single.
[download: Domestica]

E is for Eiko Ishioka, the director for "Cocoon" video.

F is for Fluke Magimix, the remixed version of "Big Time Sensuality" used in the music video directed by Stéphane Sednaoui. F is also for Foot Soldier, which was released as a b-side on the Hidden Place single.
[download: Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Magimix)]
[download: Foot Soldier]

G is for Gling-Gló. Released in 1990, it was an album Björk recorded with the Icelandic jazz group Gudmundar Ingólfssonar Trio.

H is for Homogenic, my favorite album by Björk. H is also for "Human Behaviour", the first single from Debut, released in June 1993.

I is for Iceland, where Björk’s from.

J is for The Juniper Tree, Björk’s first acting role. J is also for "Jóga", one of my favorite songs by Björk.
[download: Jòga (String & Vocal Mix)]

K is for Kelis. The r & b artist did a duet with Björk on an alternate version of "Oceania". K is also for "Komið", a bonus on the Japanese version of Medúlla.
[download: Oceania (with Kelis)]
[download: Komið]

L is for is for Björk’s laptop, which influenced Vespertine. Björk explained in the June 2001 issue of Fader: "Vespertine was very influenced by my laptop, and about people being obsessed with Napster and saying it compromised sound and me thinking that was rubbish. Alot of the beats were influenced by me thinking someone could download it and it would sound great."

M is for Madonna’s "Bedtime Stories", a track Björk co-wrote. M is also for "Mother Heroic", a b-side from the Hidden Place single.
[download: Mother Heroic]

N is for November 21, 1965 – Björk’s birthday!

O is for "Oceania", a song off Medulla. Björk performed "Oceania" during the opening ceremony at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.

P is for "Play Dead". A non-album track used in the film The Young Americans (1993).

Q is for Q Awards. Björk received the Inspiration Award at the Annual Q Magazine Awards in October 2005.

R is for Rahzel, a beatboxer from the rap group The Roots. Rahzel provides beats for five songs on Medúlla.

S is for Sugercubes. Björk was the lead singer of Sugercubes in the late 80s/early 90s. S is also for Selmasongs, the film soundtrack to Dancer In The Dark.

T is for Thom Yorke. Thom recorded a duet with Björk for the song "I’ve Seen it All", which appeared in the film Dancer In The Dark.
[download: I've Seen It All (with Thom Yorke)]

U is for "Úm Akkeri", the Icelandic version of "The Anchor Song".
[download: Úm Akkeri]

V is for Vespertine, released in 2001. V is also for the beautiful track, "Venus As A Boy".

W is for Paul White, the director of Hunter. W is also for the rap supergroup, Wu-Tang Clan... Wu-Tang’s RZA remixed "Bachelorette".
[download: Bachelorett (RZA Remix)]

X is for X-Files. Björk’s "Hunter" was featured in the X-Files movie soundtrack.

Y is for "You Only Live Twice". A never released song originally intented for a compilation which features covers of various James Bond songs; however, the track was withdrawn by Björk in the end.
[download: You Only Live Twice]

Z is for nothing... again, I can’t think of anything for Z... help!

BONUS b-sides:
Sod Off
So Broken
My Snare

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Love the blog, Jackman, and love this post! Is there any chance you could re-upload any of these tracks sometime? I'm really interested to hear the b-sides and remixes.