Friday, June 27, 2008

we play endlessly

Nat Geo Music, the music division of National Geographic Entertainment, will webcast the Björk and Sigur Rós concert live from Iceland on Saturday, June 28, 2008! Watch the concert at from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET (begins at 8 p.m. BST/London or 7 p.m. GMT/Reykjavik).

old man luedecke: proof of love

Old Man Luedecke is a banjo player that writes and sings about love and lonesomeness. His music is a genuine and authentic reproduction of late 20s to 40s country-folk music such as Jimmie Rodgers and Pete Seeger. Don’t get me wrong, Old Man Luedecke does not imitate old country-folk style; he makes beautiful songs and establishes his own personal style by acknowledging traditional influences. The best way to enjoy Old Man Luedecke is to sit under a tree and read a John Steinbeck novel! Download the songs below and buy Proof Of Love; better yet, go see one of Old Man Luedecke’s incredible and very intimate live shows!

Just Like A River [wicked-cool song]
In The Beginning [wicked-cool song]
Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier
Thrown By The Bull
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visit Old Man Luedecke’s MySpace here
buy Proof Of Love here

Monday, June 23, 2008

finally, new faint!

The Faint has added a brand new song on their MySpace player. "The Geeks Were Right" is from the band's upcoming record Fasciinatiion, out on August 5th.

The Geeks Were Right (MySpace rip)
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your love is like a thorn into my side

The Dodos are difficult to describe. They've received many comparisons to Animal Collective, with their lush acoustic guitars, quirky tempo changes, and tribal-like percussions. But please don't let the comparisons deter you/get your hopes up. You should just check these tracks out and judge for yourself.

From "Fools", a song about how the general population failed to care for/change/better our world generation after generation to the simple and heartfelt song about one declaring eternal love to another in "Undeclared", The Dodos are not shy to sing about anything in Visiter. Even with such a variety of topics, it is a solid album from start to finish! Every song is memorable and they work perfectly with each other to make Visiter one of the best albums of 2008!

Fools [super-wicked-cool song]
Winter [wicked-cool song]
Undeclared [wicked-cool song]
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visit The Dodos' Myspace here
buy Visiter here

divine intervention

Patrick Wolf posted a new message on his MySpace blog:

Hello my dears

dear all.
Well as the summer has given us its summer solstice. Life has changed here for me.
It is strange that I will be 25 this year. . 25 is such an odd feeling, quarter of a century it is. It makes you look back on what you have acheived and be proud of yourself. I have made many changes in my life, found a home, found my feet on good earth again after all the touring of last year. I came home and found myself again. At the end of the magic position reignbough was my treasure, a boy conqueror who helped put the wreck that I became last year together again. I think I lost myself last december. Love heals the deepest wounds.
I have spent the last month in battle, 1066 hastings, recording the next album, im digging right deep to the bottom of my heart this time. there have been tears and screaming and nocturnal hours and lots of battle of beleif and heart, im really going on some exploration this time round, be prepared!
I checked myself into a rehearsal studio yesterday in london bridge to start thinking about the album tour and, I cant say what my new idea is because some random pop fluff might come steal my identity again but let me say that it will be major. major . lots of exciting collaborations are abound. joni mitchell, if you can hear me, I have a song called theseus for you to do with me.. x all the strength and happiness to you in these summer months. love yourself first and the rest will follow.
oh.. p.s . I hope you enjoy the angelo badlamenti song careless love, there are two different versions recorded that you will hear in good time and also my version of careless talk will be unveiled sometime soon too go see the edge of love, its a beautiful film about a wonderful poet by a fantastic director. and you can hear the song in the middle of movie after the marriage. for those in london, ill see you at bishi with the london symphony orchestra.. bring your cameras. document this moment in time, east and west come together x PW

Friday, June 20, 2008

omg, new p.wolf song... and it's way better than "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Patrick Wolf posted a new song on his MySpace entitled "Careless Talk" from the soundtrack The Edge of Love. According to, it was written by Badalamenti, sung by Siouxsie Sioux, Beth Rowley and Patrick Wolf.

Patrick Wolf: Careless Talk (MySpace Rip) [wicked-cool song]
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elfin saddle: gigantic mother/wounded child

Like their show at the Silver Dollar during NXNE, Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie explored with countless instruments on Elfin Saddle's Gigantic Mother/Wounded Child. Certainly, the diverse instrumentation is one of the record's biggest appeals as that allows the listeners to embark on a wonderful journey of strange and experimental sounds... something new and exciting is waiting to be discovered with each listen! There is a general tragic and nostalgic tone in Elfin Saddle's debut full-length. While Jordan McKenzie conveys a genuine sense of hardship and passion through his voice, Emi Honda’s vocal is eccentric and lullaby-like. Be sure to pick up Gigantic Mother/Wounded Child if you want to hear an album full of unique styles and fantastic textures!

She Mountain [wicked-cool song]
Storm Songs [wicked-cool song]
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visit Elfin Saddle's MySpace here
buy Gigantic Mother/Wounded Child here

Thursday, June 19, 2008

hey kids, the new girl talk album is out!

The fourth full-length by Girl Talk, Feed the Animals is up for streaming at Girl Talk’s MySpace! The album is out today for download at (sometime after 7:00 AM eastern USA) for whatever price you want! $5+ will get you a bonus of one big mp3 file with all of the tracks connected; and $10+ will get you a pre-order of the physical copy of the CD, which will be out later.

OMG, "Like This" samples one of the best songs of all time: LL Cool J’s "Mama Said Knock You Out"!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the rough sea: drawn in crayon ep

I have been spoiled with such high quality live music at this year’s NXNE; I saw about 20 bands played during the festival and I was quite impressed by the majority of them. Among the many great acts were Crustyna and Justin Kops of The Rough Sea. Their show at Savannah Room last Thursday night was by far one of the purest and most genuine shows of the entire festival; and fortunately, the duo conveyed that same emotion in their 3-song EP, Drawn In Crayon. The songs on the EP are full of delights and irresistible melodies, making it a must-have for anyone who likes down to earth folk music. I can’t seem to find a link to purchase the EP online, but you can email the band at and ask about it. It might only be available at their shows, so go see The Rough Sea live and be sure to pick up the Drawn In Crayon EP!

Drawn In Crayon [wicked-cool song]
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visit The Rough Sea's MySpace here

21 Jun in Montreal, PQ @ The Wheel Club
24 Jun in Ottawa, ON @ Exile Infoshop
25 Jun in Peterborough, ON @ The Spill Coffeebar
26 Jun in Toronto, ON @ The Oxford Hotel
27 Jun in Hamilton,ON @ SkyDragon
28 Jun in Guelph, On @ Jimmy Jazz
29 Jun in Kitchener, ON @ The Sweat Lodge
2 Jul in Sudbury, ON @ The Laughing Buddah
2 Jul in Sudbury, ON @ The Townehouse Tavern (19+)
4 Jul in Sault Ste. Marie, ON @ TBA
5 Jul in Thunder Bay, ON @ Disgraceland
6 Jul in Thunder Bay, ON @ The Apollo
7 Jul in Sioux Lookout, ON @ SLARC Youth Center
9 Jul in Winnipeg, MB @ The Preston Manor (All Ages!!)
11 Jul in Regina, SK @ The Club
12 Jul in Saskatoon, SK @ Matt’s House
14 Jul in Medicine Hat, AB @ Ottoman Lounge
16 Jul in Lethbridge, AB @ TBA
18 Jul in Grande Prarie, AB @ TBA
19 Jul in Grande Prarie, AB @ TBA
21 Jul in Edmonton, AB (All Ages)@ Naked On Jasper Internet Cafe
22 Jul in Edmonton, AB @ Mead Hall
23 Jul in Calgary, AB @ Vern’s Tavern
24 Jul in Calgary, AB @ TBA
25 Jul in Canmore, AB @ The Canmore Hotel
30 Jul in Vancouver, BC @ Chateau Noir
31 Jul in Vancouver, BC @ TBA
2 Aug in Victoria, BC @ Solstice Cafe
5 Aug in Merritt, BC @ The Grand Pub and Grill
15 Aug in Prince George, BC @ Pizzarico’s
16 Aug in Mackenzie, BC @ Atkinson House
10 Sep in Prince George, BC @ Pizzarico’s
14 Sep in Victoria, BC @ Solstice Cafe - Anarchist Bookfair Folk Night
28 Sep in Toronto, ON @ High Art For The Low Down

Monday, June 16, 2008

cover song of the moment

OMG! Rolf Klausener of The Acorn recently recorded his version of "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough"! Download it now!

The Acorn: The Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Cyndi Lauper cover) [wicked-cool song]
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More Acorn news...
The Acorn made the Long List for the Polaris Music Prize!
Paper Bag Records will be releasing a collection of hard-to-find live recordings + demos + covers in the near future.
The band will be touring across Canada with Ohbijou in the fall and the bands will be releasing a split 7" featuring one new track and a cover of each other's tunes!

Summer festival dates:
July 6th - Ottawa Blues Fest
July 11th - 13th - Winnipeg Folk Festival
July 25th - 27th - Hillside Music Festival (Guelph, ON)
August 1st - SappyFest (Sackville, NB)
August 2nd - Quebec Folk Festival
August 9th & 10th - Wolfe Island Festival (Kingston, ON)

nxne08, day 5

We Are Balboa — June 15 @ El Mocambo

Sunday, June 15, 2008

nxne08, day 4

The Pack A. D. — June 14 @ Criminal Records

Elfin Saddle, The Luyas — June 14 @ Silver Dollar

Elfin Saddle
Absolutely wonderful!

The Luyas

KAKKMADDAFAKKA — June 14 @ Sneaky Dee's
Great energy and highly entertaining!

nxne08, day 3 (part ii)

Great Lake Swimmers — June 13 @ Reverb

The Besnard Lakes — June 13 @ Lee's Palace

We Are Wolves (Special Guest) — June 13 @ Sneaky Dee's

Saturday, June 14, 2008

nxne08, day 3 (part i)

Shotgun Jimmie, Calm Down It's Monday, Old Man Ludecke, and The Superfantastics — June13 @ Criminal Records

Shotgun Jimmie

Calm Down It's Monday

Old Man Luedecke

The Superfantastics
Lovely as usual!

Friday, June 13, 2008

nxne08, day 2

The Rough Sea — June 12 @ Savannah Room

Monotonix, These New Puritans — June 12 @ Reverb

One of the most entertaining/craziest bands I have ever seen!

These New Puritans