Tuesday, June 06, 2006

insert something scary here

I meant to post this earlier today, but Blogger was acting crazy and I couldn’t update. I’m at Hart House right now searching for the NME that featured an article on Patrick wolf. I am seeing The Omen tonight! (I know, it’s going to suck, but it should be fun) Haha, oh yeah, it’s 6.6.6. today... what does that mean? I don’t know... but I guess it gives me a reason to post a totally random track onto this blog... so here it is:

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - What's Up Now
***file has expired, reload upon request

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Robin said...

when are you going to see the omen and where?? i get off school at 9:30, call me if it's after then and close!


p.s go to HELL

Anonymous said...

i had an omen last night would respond to this comment...am i right?

Anonymous said...

i mean, 'you would respond...' damn, i'm terrible with keyboards, and computers in general. Robin, what's up? did you guys see the movie? was it good? go see rent. or at least download the song 'light my candle'. On a side note, i have a really freaky rash. what should i do? oh, before you start to question anything, it's on my stomach