Friday, June 09, 2006

this is the sound of a young man breaking ties

Fans of Every Time I Die, Fear Before The March Of Flames, and GlassJaw, check out the brand new album entitled Sundowning by This Is Hell. However, if you are not into hardcore (or harder) music, this is most likely not your cup of tea, or coffee, which-ever you like more, ...I guess. The intro track, "Retrospect", begins with an energetic driving drum beats that sets up This Is Hell's aggressive styles. Next is "Prelude (Again)", a prefect title as it somewhat continues from "Retrospect", providing a second opening track. Together, they set the pace for the rest of the record, which is fast, sharp, and loud. I guess one can break Sundowning into three sections, with "4/8/05" and "8/27/05" as interludes. These are slow tempo instrumental tracks carefully inserted as breaks from the fist-pumping, head-banging, body-tossing music. For many, the highlight track is probably "Procession Commence", which features guest vocal from a certain God-like individual from one of my favorite bands of all time! However, tracks such as "Here Comes The Rains", "Permanence" and "Nobody Leaves Without Singing The Blues" are equally amazing! On a side note, the extraordinary J. Bannon did the design and illustration for the record, you should pick the album up just for that reason! Wow... WTF... I just noticed that the album cover looks very similar to the background of this blog... did J. Bannon rip me off?? ...haha, I wished! Sundowning is hardcore music at its best: a great first record with only one or two weak-points... This is Hell is going to take over the world very soon!

Prelude (Again)
Here Come The Rains
Procession Commence
[wicked-cool song]
Nobody Leaves Without Singing The Blues
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buy Sundowning here
For those of you living in Toronto, you can buy Sundowning from the HMV on 333 Yonge for only $10.99... great deal!!!

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