Sunday, June 25, 2006

exclusive: impeach my bush

Happy Pride Day!
To celebrate, here is the new Peaches album in its entirety! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE I have been requested to remove this album from my blog. For those of you who had a chance to download the thing, make sure you go buy Impeach My Bush on July 11!

UPDATE #2 In an unlikely turn of events, I am after all allowed to post a few songs off of the new Peaches album. So, here they are:

Two Guys (For Every Girl) [wicked-cool song]
Rock the Shocker
Give 'Er (featuring Feist)

***all files have expired, reload upon request

1. Fuck Or Kill
2. Tent In Your Pants
3. Hit It Hard
4. Boys Wanna Be Her
5. Downtown
6. Two Guys
7. Rock the Shocker
8. You Love It

9. Slippery Dick
10. Give'er
11. Get It
12. Do Ya
13. Stick It To The Pimp

Impeach My Bush comes out on July 11, you can pre-order it here


rian said...

hey, thanks for sharing this. there's a problem with the link for track 7 though.


Jackman said...

no problem! sorry, but i am not allow to repost track 7, send me an email and i'll send you the song.

Liam said...

Owned! The man Owned you!

Also.... is the 'featuring feist' just the guitar? Because I listened to it once from allthingsfeist and I couldn't hear her especially.

Jackman said...

i know... i was confused when i read that the song featured feist... i can't hear her... i guess she's just playing the guitar... in which i don't give a shit... i want to hear feist's voice, not her ability to play the stupid guitar!