Saturday, June 17, 2006

don't forget about the blue skies, sunrise, and all the space between

I used to listen to a lot of pop-punk; however, I don’t remember the last time I have truly enjoyed a great pop-punk record. I think Drive-Thru has forever ruined my enjoyment for modern pop-punk music. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed numerous Drive-Thru bands many years ago, but they have really overkilled the genre in recent years. Well, then late last year, Valencia came out with This Could Be A Possibility – the first good pop-punk record in god knows when! So you may ask, what makes Valencia stand out from the countless similar sounding bands in the same genre? Well, maybe because This Could Be A Possibility consists of all the right formulas: poppy hooks, loud and multi-layered guitars, energetic drummings, correctly use of the synthesizer, and my favorite, the occasional clapping!

The Space Between [wicked-cool song]
What Are You Doing Man? That’s Weird!
The Closest I Am To Living Life On The Edge
Eagle Mount Drive
Three Thousand Miles
Backs Against the Wall
Away We Go

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