Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i heard she said she’s got a problem but she’s only seventeen

I am beyond impressed with this band called Sydney. They sound like a high profile screamo band out of the Long Island/New Jersey area. But in reality, they are five kids from Burlington, Ontario. Their self-titled debut, Sydney, is probably the first album I have heard in a long time that resembles closest to Tell All Your Friends (one of my favorite records of all time)... especially on tracks like "Got Some Purple Stuff... Hey, Sunny D", "Get To The Chopper" and "End Transmission". I can’t say the music on Sydney is original, but the band did an amazing job at combining the sounds of numerous well established emo/punk bands. If you like the bands such as Over It and Taking Back Sunday, you will no doubt enjoy Sydney.

Jubert's Path Of Destruction
Got Some Purple Stuff... Hey, Sunny D
Get To The Chopper
For I Am Spartacus
In Dreams We Believe

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