Thursday, June 01, 2006

will jealous moons come crashing down into the ocean floor?

I am really digging Bitter Hands Resign by A Northern Chorus right now. It is such a good album! It sounds kind of Sigur Rós slash Radiohead-ish... well, more like Sigur Rós, but with more vocals, and lyrics that are actually understandable. Every single song on Bitter Hands Resign is beautifully composed, and like many Sigur Rós songs, they embed this surreal, dream-like, heroic quality in their music. This is North America answer to Sigur Rós... I can already foresee Arni & Kinski directing a music video for A Northern Chorus. By the way, I tend to be a little biased at times, but maybe the reason why I am liking A Northern Chorus so much is because they are Canadian. Nonetheless, Canadian or not, Bitter Hands Resign is an incredible record!

The Shepherd & The Chauffeur
This Open Heart
Watershed Divide
Costa Del Sol

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buy Bitter Hands Resign here

ps, The solo album by Thom Yorke is amazing!!!
pps, I am trying to cut down on the length of my posts as I have been criticized numerously about my brutally long rants.

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