Wednesday, June 28, 2006

lost at sea

After months of delay, the new Sigur Rós EP is finally coming out in a few weeks (July 11). The EP contains four tracks: the new single "Sæglópur", as well as three brand new Sigur Rós songs!!!!!!!!! It also comes with a DVD which includes the video for "Hoppípolla", "Glósóli", and "Sæglópur". This is a must have EP because: 1. "Sæglópur" is an amazing song! 2. Three new Sigur Rós songs! 3. All three videos included are spectacular! (you really don’t have to be a Sigur Rós fan to enjoy the music videos)

1. Sæglópur [beyond wicked-cool song]
2. Refur
3. O Fridur
[wicked-cool song]
4. Kafari
***all files have expired, reload upon request

go buy Sæglópur EP on July 11!

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Jackman said...

for those of you who couldn't download "Sæglópur" before, the link is now fixed.