Thursday, June 08, 2006

stars were meant to shoot, waves were meant to crash

Great Lake Swimmers are playing at the Sneaky Dee’s tonight. If you have nothing to do, go check them out. They are great live and I think it is only like $8.00 to get in. As I have said before, I think Tony Dekker is one of the best lyricists in music today (definitely the best in Canada!) and he has an amazing voice. If you are a fan of Iron and Wine and early Death Cab stuffs, you need to check out Great Lake Swimmers.

from Great Lake Swimmers (2003)
Moving Pictures Silent Films
Moving, Shaking
I Will Never See The Sun
[wicked-cool song]

from Bodies and Minds (2005)
Let's Trade Skins
When It Flows
[wicked-cool song]
Various Stages [wicked-cool song]
I Could Be Nothing [wicked-cool song]
Long Into The Evening

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buy Great Lake Swimmers and Bodies and Minds here

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