Sunday, June 25, 2006

hopping into puddles

I went to the Olympic Island show today... BSS was alright, Bloc Party was fun, and Feist was great. She was sick and her voice still sounded amazing! I recorded a little more than half of her set, the quality is pretty poor, but I will post that up in a few days for those of you who are interested. I really hope someone has a better bootleg! Speaking of bootlegging, the majestic Sigur Rós played at the Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario about a month ago (May 13). Unfortunately, I missed that show (insert extremely sad face here). Anyways, thanks to the beauty of bootlegs and an amazing Sigur Rós bittorrent site, I have acquired the entire show. The version I downloaded was in Flac. format, but I have converted them into Mp3s. I am not supposed to share these tracks in Mp3 forms, but I think that this blog is so small that I can do this without getting myself into trouble.

Sigur Rós Live @ Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario (May 13, 2006)
[wicked-cool concert]

1. Takk...
2. Glósóli
3. Sæglópur
4. Njósnavélin
5. E-Bow
6. Gong
7. Andvari
8. Hoppípolla
9. Með Bloðnasir
10. Svo Hljótt
11. Heysátan
12. Olsen Olsen
13. Smaskifa

14. Dauðlagið
15. Popplagið

***all files have expired, reload upon request


ZooKeeper said...

haha.. u kind of wierd creatures sure have a plce in our amc z00.. hahaha.. u mite like it there.. not much but its home.. keep howling...

Jackman said...

for sure, i'll come take a look at your zoo!