Sunday, June 25, 2006

blog trouble

Several people have told me that they are having trouble reading my blog... something about the texts being the same colour as the background. The only explanations I could think of were: 1. you have a slow and shitass computer (Jesse); 2. you are running under Apple or using a different internet browser other than Internet Explorer. Anyways, my blog is supposed to look like this:

So, there you go... If there are any webpage design experts out there, please take a look at the code below and tell me why the white table is not showing up on some computers, thanks.

margin:0px auto;
border:0px solid white;


rian said...

yeah, i'm not sure what the problem is. but your white background does not show up firefox, safari or internet explorer on my mac. i'm running osx with high speed internet.

this is how it shows up on my computer:

Jackman said...

hmmm... that is really weird!