Monday, June 26, 2006

forced to live like it's a curfew, translation: it means i love you

Alright, here is a really really really (x1000) bad recording of Feist live at the Olympic Island. I started recording from the second song and the last three or four songs are missing because I ran out of memory on my cell.

Feist live @ Olympic Island in Toronto, Ontario (June 24, 2006)
(Warning: this is a horrible recording!)

If you want to hear a really good bootleg, listening to Feist amazing version of "Major Label Debut" live at Park West.

Feist - Major Label Debut [wicked-cool song]

***all files have expired, reload upon request


Liam said...

I really really hope someone puts up a bootleg of this concert. Not that it was that amazing, but still.

Jackman said...

i thought she was really good... but i guess i have nothing to compare it to.