Monday, November 23, 2009

i'm reba!

Another soon-to-be SNL Digital Short classic:

asobi seksu: rewolf

Asobi Seksu’s recently released Rewolf totally made up for my disappointment in Hush. Vocalist Yuki Chikudate and guitarist James Hanna took on a completely different direction in Rewolf—the multi-layers/textures and My Bloody Valentine-influenced noise-pop is gone; instead, everything on the new record is strip down acoustic arrangements. Rewolf features 10 extremely gorgeous re-imaginations from Asobi Seksu’s previous releases, including my personal favourites, "New Years" and "Thursday" (...too bad The Crystals cover is missing.) Old fans will be pleasantly surprised by the unusual arrangements while non-fans will be delighted by Chikudate’s beautiful vocal!

Walk on the Moon
Thursday [wicked-cool song]

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

dance up a storm tonight!

Don't forget that You Say Party! We Say Die! are playing a free in-store at Criminal Records tonight at 8 pm. They band will also play later at Phoenix Concert Theatre with Think About Life and Little Girls... doors at 9 pm!

Laura Palmer's Prom [wicked-cool song]

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

song of the moment: "sylvia (new version)" by the antlers

The Antlers recently recorded a new version Of "Sylvia", head over to NPR to hear this exclusive track!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

was your work of art so heavy that it would not let you live?

Listen to Patrick Wolf in session on The Quietus here. Patrick performed "The Sun Is Often Out" and a cover of Joni Mitchell's "All I Want"... he also chatted with Quietus Luke in-between the two songs.

I have ripped and converted the online audio into mp3 format; and I have also edit the two songs out into individual files, you can enjoy all three mp3s below!

In Session on the Quietus (songs + interview)
The Sun Is Often Out [wicked-cool song]
All I Want (Joni Mitchell cover)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

omg... new atlas sound virtual 7-inch!

Bradford Cox aka Atlas Sound has finally posted a new virtual 7"—Virtual 7" No. 7: Doctor b/w 'The Screens'! Get it now over at Deerhunter/Atlas Sound/Lotus Plaza Blog.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

song of the moment: "the chosen one" by the raveonettes

Some lucky Raveonettes fans got an exclusive promotion bonus disc featuring "Planes Do Crash" and "The Chosen One" (two never-before-heard tracks) with the purchase of In And Out Of Control at participating indie record stores last month. For those that missed out, is offering the two tracks for free when you buy the entire album. One of those exclusive tracks, "The Chosen One" was made available as a free download recently, you can hear/download it below, enjoy!

The Raveonettes: The Chosen One

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atlas sound: rough trade ep

I am not going to spend too much time on Atlas Sound’s Logos aside that it is yet another brilliantly gorgeous record! It feels somewhat different from Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel while sounding more like a Deerhunter’s Weird Era Cont. and Rainwater Cassette Exchange. Regardless, it is incredible!

For those who didn’t pre-order Logos from Rough Trade because you a) bought/pre-ordered the album elsewhere already; b) didn’t want to pay a ridiculous amount for an import/overseas shipping; or c) bought it from your local-independent record store; have sadly missed out on the free Rough Trade EP. Luckily, there is the world wide web and honestly, you can find pretty much anything by doing a simple Google search! Yes, I am definitely encouraging those who have already bought Logos elsewhere to search for the EP as it features six fantastic tracks; in fact, they are some of Bradford Cox’s finest work! The EP begins with "Ruben (Traditional)", a cover of a traditional song with simple and catchy guitar melodies. It is then follow by "Criminals (Electronic)" and "Kid Klimax (Acoustic)"—alternate versions of songs from Logos. I think "Kid Klimax (Acoustic)" marks the first time that I heard Bradford incorporate the harmonica in a song and I absolutely love it! "Reminder" comes after, it is a brand new song and probably my favourite on the EP! Next is "I Know I Will Escape", which was originally featured in the infamous unmastered leaked version of Logos. Bradford uses the harmonica in this song and again, it sounds wonderful! The EP ends with "Nightwork", a very soothing ambient instrumental track. The Rough Trade EP is truly amazing and it is WAY too bad it is only available if you get Logos from Rough Trade. It is damn shitty as this was what happened with The Spinster EP by Patrick Wolf—it was only available if you bought The Bachelor from Rough Trade; but eventually, Patrick offered it as a free digital download. Hopefully, Bradford will release it later as a separate purchase or do what Patrick did and release it as a free digital download so more people can enjoy this wonderful EP!

Kid Klimax (Acoustic) [wicked-cool song]
Reminder [wicked-cool song]

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

song of the moment: "runner" by daniel, fred & julie

Check out this special collaboration between Daniel Romano (Attack in Black), Fred Squire (Calm Down It's Monday, Shotgun & Jaybird) and the always lovely Julie Doiron! The track is off of Daniel, Fred & Julie, out on December 1st on You've Changed Records.

Daniel, Fred & Julie: Runner [wicked-cool song]

Sunday, November 01, 2009

happy halloween

Noah And The Whale—Oct 31, 2009 @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern

Noah And The Whale—Oct 31, 2009 @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
Noah And The Whale—Oct 31, 2009 @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
Noah And The Whale—Oct 31, 2009 @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
Noah And The Whale—Oct 31, 2009 @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
Noah And The Whale—Oct 31, 2009 @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern Noah And The Whale—Oct 31, 2009 @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
Noah And The Whale—Oct 31, 2009 @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern

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