Monday, December 19, 2005

i heart best of lists!!!

top 20 albums:

1 patrick wolf - wind in the wires
2 sufjan stevens - illinois
3 bloc party - silent alarm
4 final fantasy - has a good home
5 bright eyes - i’m wide awake, it’s morning
6 death cab - plans
7 against me! - searching for a former clarity
8 antony & the johnsons - i am a bird
9 spoon - gimme fiction
10 nade surf - the weight is a gift
11 andrew bird - the mysterious production of eggs
12 buck 65 - secret house against the world
13 boys night out - trainwreck
14 xiu xiu - la forêt
15 bayside - bayside
16 pajo - pajo
17 alkaline trio - crimson
18 bell orchestre - recording a tape the colour of the light
19 mars volta - frances the mute
20 the fiery furnaces - ep

other awesome releases by jens lekman, anberlin, atmosphere, the decemberists, edan, the shining, my morning jacket, m.i.a, fall out boy, art brut, m83

top songs

#1: okkervil rilver – black
the rest, in no particular order:
patrick wolf - wind in the wires, libertine, gypsy king, this weather, and tristan
buck 65 - le 65isme
death cab - i will follow you into the dark, summer skin
the game - how we do
architecture in helsinki - do the whirlwind
m83 - don’t save us from the flames
bright eyes - old soul song, at the bottom of everything, lua, poison oak, road to joy
final fantasy - please please please
white strips - blue orchid
kelly clarkson - since u been gone
spoon - sister jack, i turn the camera on
antony & the johnsons - for today i am a boy, you are my sister
shakira - la tourtura

favorite artists of 2005
eric feng (the coolest website ever!), nicholas de genova, brian ewing (been my favorite for the past few years), kurt halsey, and rob dobi (also been my favorite for the past few years… season 3 work just came out… absolutely amazing!)

concerts of the year
(i went to way less shows this year… i even missed warped tour for the first time in 5/6 years)
the goodlife
bright eyes (wide awake tour)

top movies
me and you and everyone we know, lords of dogtown, c.r.a.z.y., sommersturm, history of violence, mysterious skin, last days, walk the line

coolest animal of the year:

best returns:
nhl and family guy

best tv channel:
cbc and cbc newsworld

best tv shows of 2005:
desperate housewives and monday (rick mercer) report

best radio show:
cbc 3 podcast

the funniest (and absolute best) thing of the year:
))<>(( forever.

most anticipated for 2006:
new albums from brandnew, patrick wolf, thursday, and final fantasy’s he poos clouds
movie: the devil and daniel johnston
tv: the return of 24 (i almost had an orgasm seeing the preview commercial the other day)

show off your talents

film of the moment: ))<>((

i also have to re-post this from my other blog because i think that it is really important for everyone to see the best movie of the year:

please go see me and you and everyone we know
it is such a beautiful, funny and unique film!!

Miranda July is no doubt a very talented individual. Thanks for sharing your vision with me!

me and you and everyone we know is now out on dvd... so go buy it or rent it!

man, was i wrong about the sharks!

i'm in the midst of moving everything from my other blog to this new one, so this is a re-post from my other site... i posted this on october 4

Philadelphia Flyers (my Stanley Cup pick... unfortunately!)
-with the acquisition of Peter Forsberg and amazing rookies of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, the Flyers are unstoppable!!

Ottawa Senators
-two words: Dany Heatley
-Ottawa is also my second pick for the Cup

Montreal Canadiens
-the speedy first line of Saku Koivu, Alex Kovalev, and Richard Zednik, great young player of Michael Ryder and the goaltending of Jose Theodore, the Canadiens are going to go far this season.

San Jose Sharks
-Patrick Marleau is going to have an amazing season, and the Sharks are my pick for the Cup final

Calgary Flames
-two players: Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff are going to be the key to the Flames winnings

Vancouver Canucks
-the return of Todd Bertuzzi is going to help and the line of Anson Carter and the Sedin twins may just create some magic! the only problem is the questionable goaltending of Dan Cloutier

So, as anyone can see, I've picked 4 Canadian teams out of 6. I think this is finally going to be the season that a Canadian team has a really good chance at winning the Cup!
Also, I know I'm going to get a lot of shit for not picking the Leafs, but come on!... they are not even close compare to those teams above!!! If they want to go far this season, they need to make some more changes!

surf's up dudes!