Friday, June 02, 2006

new xiu xiu

I have no plans today, so I'll probably be updating this blog nonstop. So, here’s a new Xiu Xiu song from the forthcoming album entitled The Air Force out on September 15:

Xiu Xiu - Boy Soprano
***file has expired, reload upon request

UPDATE [@ 6:59 pm] So I lied... I didn’t update the blog nonstop today... I spent most of my afternoon trying to fix my desktop with my cousin; however, the thing is still broken!! I also saw this movie called Dear Wendy – a very good film!! Anyways, I am working on the next A to Z list... it’s going to be good, stay tuned!


Liam said...

oooh new xiu xiu

Jackman said...

what do you think of the song? i will upload the whole album soon!