Tuesday, February 28, 2006

when you're kissing someone who's too much like you, it's like kissing on a mirror...

Ahhhhhh!!!! Jenny Lewis will be performing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight, and The Late Show with David Letterman on March 21st!

Jenny Lewis is also playing at the Opera House on March 16

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Team Love
buy Rabbit Fur Coat in CD or LP here

don't you feed me lines about some idealistic future

I have got more great music for ya’ll! This time, I found a live radio section that the guys from Postal Service did back in 2003. They preformed 8 tracks in total... well more like 7 different titles but there was a radio mess up during the end of Brand New Colony, so they did that song twice. Oh, by the way, my favorite new solo artist of 2006 – Jenny Lewis also was present during this studio session and provided backup vocals! She also filled in as the female counterpart in Nothing Better. You can download the whole show by clicking the link below.

***The process of getting to the file might be a little tricky, so here’s a step by step tutorial:
1. Click on the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
2. Press the FREE button to start the download
3. A second, similar page will load… scroll down and find the download counter; you have to wait until the counter finishes (I think you have to wait for about 40 seconds, so sit down and listen to Space Oddity by David Bowie!)
4. When the countdown is done, a third page will appear… what are you waiting for!?!? ...scroll down to the bottom of the page and download the goddamn file!

Postal Service (Ben Gibbard, Jimmy Tamborello, and Jenny Lewis) - Live on KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show in Seattle (May 6, 2003)

mike skinner stole my microphone!

Yes... new single from The Streets!

The Streets - When You Wasn't Famous (Radio Edit)

Monday, February 27, 2006

jesse ledoux for mayor

Wow, my last 9 posts (apart from the one wishing Jonny a happy birthday) were all somehow music related. It is probably getting annoying for most of you to read my opinions on which artist I think you should or should not listen to. (Listen to Patrick Wolf!) I don’t want this blog to become another music blog, that was not my intention when I started this thing. Well, I actually don’t know what my intentions were, but it probably has something to do with me being able to rant about whatever I wanted to to the public! (like now)

Anyways, before my A.D.D. carries out any further, here's the main point of this post: my pick for artist of the moment. This time, I am going to tell you all about Jesse LeDoux – an amazing illustrator/graphic designer who does numerous album covers and posters for bands. I first discovered LeDoux when I purchased The Shin’s Chutes Too Narrow album back in 2003. He created the whole CD package, from the booklet and inlay to the disc itself; the whole thing is just absolutely gorgeous to look at!!! In 2004, he started LeDouxville, a visually stunning website which essentially act as an online portfolio. You can check out LeDouxville at www.ledouxville.com and purchase Jesse's posters at Patent Pending Industries. Also, right now, there is a limited edition of 80 signed and numbered prints available at the LeDouxville store. Each print has a unique drawing, which were compiled together to create the flipbook cartoon. Very cool! You can watch the 15 seconds cartoon here. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sigur Rós, Live @ Madison Square Garden (February 9, 2006)

Holy crap! You can download the entire two hours set here. I am listening to it right now… it is damn good! And the sound quality is amazing... I want to see them live the next time they come to town!!

twenty-five seconds to live and I'm falling down

Team Boo by Mates of State has been out since late 2003, and it is one of the few albums that I can go back and listen to regularly. So without a doubt, there is a lot of expectations with their new album Bring it Back, which comes out on March 21. I have been trying to download the leaked CD for the past few days now, but sadly, without any success! Nonetheless, I have managed to find a few new songs through various websites and blogs online... and I must say, they are promising!

From the new album Bring it Back:
Think Long ***file has expired
Fraud in the '80s
Beautiful Dreamer
For The Actor ***file has expired
Nature and the Wreck

"Ha Ha" From Team Boo:
windows media video
quicktime video

You can buy Team Boo and preorder Bring it Back at Polyvinyl and Barsuk Records

Saturday, February 25, 2006

feist + postal service = orgasm

So, as if the Stars' cover of Fairytale of New York, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs single and the Les Mouches song are not enough, here’s the ultimate song to add to today’s mp3 orgy fest!

Feist - Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)
and as a bouns: Jason Collett (ft. Emily Haines w/ Feist) - Hangover Days

***download the PS's remix of Mushaboom asap, I have a feeling this is going to be taken of the internet very soon!!***

people will say all kinds of things that don't mean a damn to me

Ok, Gold Lion is the new YYYs single. From the first listen, I think it is a pretty good song. (Well, don’t really know lyrically, but the music is catchy) However, I don’t know what it is, but I think the song has this rock/country anthem feel to it… it’s like in a stupid Bon Jovi concert where all the people watching would pump their fists up and down accordingly to the rhythms and sing-along to all the lyrics. Wow, I’ve never thought in a million years that I would reference Bon Jovi on this blog!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Acoustic Version)

Now to the good part: I have always wanted to hear stuffs by Les Mouches. So, I was beyond excitement when I got my hands on this track! The string arrangements at the beginning of this song is cinematic like… very cool! Enjoy!

Les Mouches - Divorce The Ones You Love

you scum bag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot...

Oh my god!!!... I have just came across a Stars cover of Fairytale of New York! For those of you who are not familiar with Fairytale of New York, it is the greatest Christmas song ever… and probably one of my favorite songs of all time! It was originally recorded by the Irish folk/punk band The Pogues. It features Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl (r.i.p.) on vocals... holy shit, I am absolutely speechless right now... click on the link below to download the cover!!! (and make sure you go listen to the original by The Pogues)

Stars - Fairytale of New York

Also, stay tuned if you like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Owen Pallett... I will post the new YYYs' single Gold Lion and a Les Mouches song very soon!

Friday, February 24, 2006

your birthday present...

Happy Birthday Jonny!!!

frankie! frankie!!!!!!!!!!

Hands down, Frankie Teardrop, the over 10 minutes long track by Suicide is the craziest, darkest, freakiest, scariest, and most disturbing song I’ve ever heard!!! Here's the story: Frankie hates his job, his life, and he is fed up with society, so one night, he goes home and brutally murders his wife and children. Shortly after, he shoots himself and ends up in hell. To add extra effects to the story, the song features some extremely shocking screams over experimental noises. To sum up, Frankie Teardrop is a musically exhausting yet stimulating journey. Well, this is the best description that I can come up with to an indescribable song! I will try to see if I can upload the song in the future, but for now, here’s a very short clip of the song. Enjoy!

the funniest synopsis for an album

I was just browsing through Interpunk, looking at the Jawbreaker catalogue and I came across this description for a Jets To Brazil album:

“The brand new album from BLAKE SCHWARTZENBACH & crew. People will be having sex to this record in college dorm rooms from coast to coast, though the band's real fans will be doing it alone.”

Thursday, February 23, 2006

concerts, concerts, concerts

The following is a list of concerts that I want to go to/is going to:

***last update: May 7, 2006

May 11 - The Stills @ Phoenix, $15.00 (sold out)
May 12 - The Stills @ Phoenix, $15.00

May 13 - Say Anything @ Phoenix, $14.00
May 13 - Sigur Rós @ Massey Hall
May 19 - Alkaline Trio @ Kool Haus, $24.25
May 19 - Islands and Frog Eyes @ The Opera House, $13.00
May 20 - Architecture In Helsinki @ Horseshoe, $16.00 (sold out)
May 24 -
Angels & Airwaves @ Phoenix (sold out)
May 25 - Joel Plaskett Emergency @ Phoenix, $15.00 (sold out)
May 26 - Greeley Estates, Yesterday's Rising @ Opera House, $ 12.00

May 30 - The (International) Noise Conspiracy @ The Reverb, $12.00
June 6 - Radiohead @ Hummingbird Centre, $71.65 ...holy shit, that's expensive!!!
June 7 - Radiohead @ Hummingbird Centre, $71.65
June 8 - Boys Night Out @ Opera House, $18.50

June 8 - Great Lake Swimmers @ Sneaky Dee's
June 10 - The Boy Least Likely To @ Revival, $13.50

June 14 - Bright Eyes @ Massey Hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, $29.50, $36.50, $42.50

June 14 - Moneen @ Opera House, $17.50
June 23 - The Streets @ Phoenix, $24.00 (sold out)

June 24 - Broken Social Scene, Bloc Party, Feist @ Olympic Island, $50.50
June 27 - The Walkmen @ The Phoenix, $15.00

July 4 - Circa Survive @ Opera House, $ 15.00
July 5 - Taking Back Sunday, Angels & Airwaves, and Head Automatica @ The Molson Amphitheatre, $32.50

July 7 - Wilco @ Massey Hall (not on sale yet)
July 10 - Amy Millan @ Mod Club, $12.00

July 11 - Tilly and The Wall @ Mod Club, $13.50
July 15 - Panic! at the Disco @ The Docks, $23.75 (sold out)
July 15 - Aquabats @ Reverb, $15.00
July 22 - Brand New @ Kool Haus (sold out)

July 24 - Lagwagon, The Lawrence Arms, A Wilhelm Scream (!!!), $20.00
July 26 - Futureheads with Tapes n' Tapes @ Phoenix (not on sale yet) (shit, i don't think i'll be in toronto for this show)

say no to arctic monkeys

So I have finally heard the new Arctic Monkeys album today. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not set the record for the fastest-selling UK debut album of all time, no wonder why it is the most hyped album of 2006 so far! But wait... Why is this album so good? How the hell did it become the fastest-selling UK debut album of all time?? The title accurately describes how I feel about this album: Whatever People Say I Am: everyone’s saying this is THE album to get and that Arctic Monkeys is THE band of the year… well… That's What I'm Not: HA! Exactly! The band’s no good and the album’s no good! (there’re only like 3 or 4 okay songs on it… what a waste of my time!)

There are so many better British bands out there with similar sounds – The Libertines and Test Icicles just on top of my head. Speaking of Test Icicles, For Screening Purposes Only is an amazing album… definitely one of the better releases so far in 2006. The album combines the sound of hardcore and dancepunk, as a result, it is noisy and dancy all at the same time! Go check it out.

Test Icicles - What's In The Box
Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle
Test Icicles - All You Need Is Blood

eat your heart out kidrobot!

Haha, this is awesome: DIY flatpack toys for free!! Way better than spending hundreds of dollars on KidRobot Toys... even though the new toy is absolutely sexy and cool looking as hell! Someone buy it for me!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

go see future rock goddess robin solowka for free tonight!

Haha, this is such a last minute post. But Queer Cab is tonight! For those of you who are not familiar with Queer Cab. It is a monthly open mic event at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. My good friend Robin will be performing tonight. She will be playing her acoustic guitar and singing yet another heartfelt song! Trust me, it will be totally majestic!!

the photo album

Wow, so I woke up this morning and saw that I had 12 new messages in my hotmail... I was like wtf... they’re probably all junkmail! But no, 9 of the 12 emails were from Jesse, and I was excited to see all the subject titles were Jesse’s Japan Photos! I guess he didn’t know how to post pictures onto his blog or he just didn’t have the time to, but he asked me to post a few of his pictures up... well, I posted most of his pictures up! The one above is my favorite; it is taken at the Osaka Historical Museum. As for the rest, click on this link to view the album!

Jesse, did you know that the “comic” thing on that building is a painting called Masterpiece by Roy Lichtenstein… damn, leave it to the Japanese to include real art on billboards!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

wtf!?!? switzerland finished ahead of us in the preliminary round!

Canadian men's ice hockey team finished third in Group A in the preliminary round with a 3-2-0 record. They will play Russia at 2:30 in tomorrow's quarter-final game.

Monday, February 20, 2006

film of the moment... Feb 20, 2006

If you want to see a really funny movie full of satires and ironies, go see Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story! The movie follows a group of filmmakers and actors' struggles in trying to create an unfilmable novel: an adaptation of Laurence Sterne’s The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman.

By the way, there was a trailer for The Devil and Daniel Johnston before the film... I seriously cannot wait till this film comes out (goddamnit, I have been wanting to see this since last September!)

sexy results, mstrkrft edition...

Wow, this is definitely one of the weirdest video ever!!

tara reid is a whore and zack morris is my hero

New Head Automatica:
Download !!! Remixed (The Popaganda!!! Sessions) here

1. Egyptian Musk
2. Boy Crazy
3. Farmers Daughter
4. Granada
5. Covered in your Best Friend
6. Oxycotton
7. Shot in the Back 2
8. There is a Pill
9. Vanishing Man

Sunday, February 19, 2006

if winter ends pt. 2... all I ask for is a warm body to keep this winter from killing me.

I don’t know what it is, but I feel this emptiness today. Maybe it is because it looks so nice outside from my window, and I want to walk around downtown or sit outside and read or sketch or something… but in reality, it is actually really cold! I should be really busy right now, finishing off my portfolio, but I’ve just been lazing around so far listening to hours of Bright Eyes and drinking my cold bottle of Havana Club that I left in the trunk of my car overnight. I think Connor Oberst is my medicine/my cure to emptiness, loneliness, sadness, and all emotional illnesses!

it's way too late aka i'm tired and i can't think of a title right now

So, as many of you know, my portfolio interview is coming up soon... actually, it is in less than 48 hours! I am required to design a magazine ad for the School of Design, Graphic Design program at George Brown College. So, after hours of creative block, this is what I have come up with...

Please tell me what you think of the design... feel free to give your honest opinions: negative feedbacks and criticisms are welcome because they provide future improvements!

if winter ends...

This is officially the coldest day ever... and for some stupid reasons, my friends and I decided to go to a club – we waited for like 30 minutes in the goddamn cold, and once we got into the club, it took me another 30 minutes to recover (so not worth it!!)

I dreamt of a fever
One that would cure me of this cold, winter set heart
With heat to melt these frozen tears
Burned with reasons as to carry on
Into these twisted months I plunge without a light to follow
But I swear that I would follow anything
If it would just get me out of here
But you get six months to adapt
Then you get two more to leave town
And in the event that you do adapt
We still might not want you around
But I fell for the promise
Of a life with a purpose
But I know that that's impossible now
And so I drink to stay warm
And to kill selected memories
Cause I just can't think anymore about that
Or about her tonight
And I give myself three days to feel better
Or I swear I'm driving off a fucking cliff
Cause if I can't learn make myself feel better
How can I expect anyone else to give a shit?
And I scream for the sunlight
Or a car to take me anywhere
Just get me past this dead and eternal snow
Cause I swear that I'm dying
Slowly but it's happening
And if the perfect spring that's waiting somewhere
Just take me there
Just take me there
Just take me there
And say, and lie to me and say and lie to me and say
It's gonna be all right, it's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right, it's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right, it's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right, it's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right

That pretty much sums up what I felt/thought of the entire day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

jeremy enigk of sunny day recording new solo album... i'm so stoked!!

soruce from www.punknews.org
Jeremy Enigk has announced the impending release of his first solo album in 10 years. The former Sunny Day Real Estate frontman started recording for the album late last year, working with his co-producer Josh Meyers. The recording is expected to wrap up at the end of February with Enigk will be manning the guitar, keyboards and bass for the album while being assisted by several other musicians and a string section. The sound of the album is hinted at being "similar to, but not quite as explosive, as the lush orchestral sounds of Return of the Frog Queen," his last solo outing.

So, you may ask “who the hell is Jeremy Enigk?” Well kids, he is the singer/songwriter for the mid-90s band Sunny Day Real Estate. Their album, Diary is one of the most influential emo records of all time (the others being Hüsker Dü’s Zen Arcade and Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy and Dear You). Sunny Day Real Estate “redefined, reintroduced, and recontextualized the word emo for an entirely new generation.” Jeremy Enigk’s vocal style and lyrical content is sincere and heartrending: “He sang desperately about losing himself, about subsuming himself in something greater.” Haha, I’ve got to stop this ranting before it goes out of hand... I wrote a 20-pages long essay for my popular culture class last year on the evolution of emo, so now I think I know everything there's to know about the subject...

canadian men's hockey schedule @ torino

Feb 15 @ 07:00 ITA – CAN
Feb 16 @ 14:00 CAN – GER
Feb 18 @ 09:30 CAN – SUI
Feb 19 @ 15:00 FIN – CAN
Feb 21 @ 10:30 CAN – CZE
Feb 22 @ 10:30, 11:30, 14:30, and 15:30 – Quarterfinals
Feb 24 @ 10:30 and 15:00 – Semifinals
Feb 25 @ 14:30 – Bronze Medal Game
Feb 26 @ 08:00 – Gold Medal Game

i heart patrick wolf

oh my god I’ve found the greatest site ever!!! there're so many live patrick wolf audio and video on it... i'm in love!!! (with both patrick wolf and the site) it's 3:30 in the morning and i'm listening to patrick wolf live in amsterdam! all of the songs were performed with a ukulele, a violin, or on the piano, even the "techno" stuffs, so fucking beautiful!!!!! plus, the quality is amazing... probably one of the best live recordings out there!! if you get a chance, check it out!
tracks highlight: The Shadowsea & Pigeon Song, Jacob's Ladder & Tristan, To The Lighthouse, Pumpkin Soup, and Afraid

Sunday, February 12, 2006

i just spoke to someone from the future

So I just talked to Jesse on the phone a few minutes ago. He said that it’s Monday morning at around 11 in Osaka. He told me that he met one of his roommates already, I think her name’s Katrine, but I’m not sure. They went shopping and that there’s a dollar store right around where he lives... I guess they probably call it the 100 Yen store there. He said that the costs of most things are pretty reasonable, except for bread: they’re like $2.00 Canadian for 10 pieces, what a rip-off!! Oh, he also mentioned that he lives right near this huge open door stripmall. Well, that’s all I have for now, I’ll make an update again when I hear more news!

feedbacks please!

In the next week or so, I’ll be working on my portfolio. So, I am asking everyone who I have gave sketches, drawings, posters, etc. to let me borrow them so I can make a scan or photograph them. In addition, please contact me via email if you have copies of any published work I’ve done. Lastly, please give me feedbacks on the piece above! Is it too tacky? Is it too busy? I have to have at least one finished piece in my portfolio that include all preliminary work; unfortunately, I don’t usually save my roughs, so I had to create this to show the developmental stages of the Queer Cab poster.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

sic transit gloria... glory fades

I am lucky enough to hear 9 latest demo songs by Brand New. I have listened to them about 3 or 4 times now; they are incredible and I can’t wait for the new album to come out (unfortunately, no release date yet). But in the meantime, here’s an exclusive track: Moshi Moshi (Acoustic) which was originally released on the “Quiet Things” CD single in the UK. Keeping listening to Your + Favorite + Weapon and Deja Entendu!
Damnit, I really have to stop posting random craps onto this blog and start studying... I have two midterms coming up in a few days!

i first saw this over a year ago...

and I still find it hilarious!

i saw woody allen, kind of...

So back in December, I went to my old work's Christmas party, and there was this guy there that look actually like Woody Allen (picture of the real Woody Allen). Those of you who know me know how much I worship Allen’s work, so I was so amazed and excited... I was star-struck! By the way, go see Match Point!

Friday, February 10, 2006

letter from Jesse

Many of you may have received emails from Jesse via Japan, but unfortunately they were all in some kind of gibberish language… I’ve managed to get a draft from his blog and this is what he wrote:

Hey guys, I’ve been in Japan now for about 5 hours. All I can say is it is freaking crazy here. So far I’ve seen a bar called Jesus Christ, a gothic clown, a bunch of those weird casino arcades that you always see in the movies, and all of the taxi cab drivers wear tuxedos (as far as I have seen at least). I’m a bit tired because I have been up for more than 24 hours: when my plane ticket said I was arriving in Osaka at 4:55, it was Osaka time (obviously) but I didn’t put into account that meant almost 3am Toronto Time!!! The flight to Dallas was good because I had a whole row to myself, and got to sleep most of the time. At the Dallas airport, I sat beside an old Texan couple who sounded more incoherent than Boomhower from King of the Hill, to match the stereotype, the woman kept referring to someone named Peggy Sue, and a hound of some sort. I then sat beside a guy from Thailand who talked for about an hour about his love for Poker, based on that conversation I tried to sleep the rest of the flight so as not to have to engage in any further conversation. I also ended up watching all of the in-flight films available: Walk the Line, Pride and Prejudice, and The Greatest Game ever Played. I liked the first two although I’d already seen them before, but that last one was pure bullshit. Once I got to KIX, I had to take a bus to Osaka, which was about an hour away from the airport. Once there, I met up with the guy who worked for the housing agency that got me my apartment. He was alright, but at that point I just wanted to go to bed. However, he showed me around the area of my apartment… it’s pretty cool. There’s a long street half a block from my place that has a bunch of food and bar places. Oh and the street is called Friendly street. That’s where I am right now actually, it’s 11:02 pm here, and I almost didn’t get to write you guys this message because the guy who worked here couldn’t comprehend what I was asking for. He kept saying Japanese when I asked him if the computers had English so that I would understand. So I originally left, but came across a white dude on a bike that I flagged down; he told me that the programs are almost identical to the English versions, so I would probably be ok. However, I am having trouble seeing where the buttons are on the webpages and the keyboard has like twenty other symbols between the commas and asterisks. So I keep hitting something that switches the English letters to Japanese. Oh, my apartment is nice, small but that’s to be expected, I took some pictures of a couple of things, but have decided they are too bland to be worth putting up. Stay tuned for some better ones shortly. Interestingly enough, my room in the apartment is bigger than the one at home in Canada. The bathroom is also about the same size, so I don’t know what the big fuss is about. Here, there is a gas valve for heating the water in the kitchen and the bathroom that you need to light each time; I thought that was pretty interesting. I’m sure I’ll die of carbon monoxide poisoning by the end of the year (knock on wood that I don’t.) Oh, I live on the same street as all of the “men’s clubs” according to the housing guy, he said there’s also a lot of good bars on the street as well… don’t worry though mom, the seedy part of the street is on the other die of Friendly Street, so I’m sure nothing will happen. However, with the being said, I probably won’t have to leave the two block radius around my house to have a good time for the rest of the year! I hope you guys can get this message in the format that I wrote it. If not I hope you at least get part of all: I’m thinking of all of you and hope that you have a really good year. I’ll talk to you soon.

P.S. I can’t wait for garbage day so I can get my own computer. Peace out kids.


film of the moment... Feb 10, 2006

Keeping with the topic of Jesse’s trip to Japan, my movie pick of the week is Lost In Translation. It is written and directed by Sofia Coppola. I heard that the story is actually based on Sofia’s relationship with Spike Jonez. Watch the movie again, but this time, imagine Scarlett Johansson’s character as Sofia Coppola, Giovanni Ribisi as Spike Jonez, and Anna Faris (Kelly) as Cameron Diaz. Seriously, Anna Faris did such as great job at imitating Diaz... do so, and you’ll discover a completely new enjoyment for the film!

have fun on godzilla day!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

broke mac mountain

because he's gay...

an artist you cannot miss

I know that there’s already a link to Anthony Goicolea's website on this blog, but I still feel that I need to express my feelings on Goicolea’s work. I cannot stress how amazing his photographs are: they are mysterious, erotic, and playful. I’m absolutely in love with his work! Please go check out his website, it’ll change your life!

The photograph on the left is entitled Midnight Kiss, one of many breathtaking pieces from Goicolea's Kidnap Series.

the weather man lied to me

So yea, I was expecting it to be -7 today because Pulse 24 said so. Well, I just got back from school and it was so gorgeous out!! WTF, I wore like six goddamn layers of clothing for nothing... it was so uncomfortable! Plus, my body looked so puffy because of all those extra layers, I felt like Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters! I looked ridiculous!!

lyrics of the moment... Feb 7, 2006, aka it looks really cold out and i don't want to go to school!

The storm blows around
This harbour town
I listen to its wind as a choir
The shipping forecast
Is crackling
Like wet wood upon a fire

And time slows and slips away
The tourists come around in May
'Till August when the clouds roll in
The pier cracks, the awnings fade
The Ferris wheel spins slowly in the rain,
The day is gone.

Under this weather
Under this weather
Such shadows are blossoming
Out at sea

I am not going to set myself free here
I am following some dark fortune
Some circle in me

Hold back the wind
Hold back the rain
I want to live
To see good weather

Hold back the years
Hold back the hours
I want to live
To see the sun break through
These days

Under this weather
Under this weather
Such shadows are blossoming
In me

Monday, February 06, 2006

the big switch

So, I’ve decided to retire my friendster blog... This is because the friendster blog system is irritating and I found it increasingly difficult to use. From now on, all my postings will appear here on blogger as it is way more user-friendly than friendster! So, stay tuned for more ranting and propaganda!!

NEW MUSIC of the moment... Feb 6, 2006

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins: Rabbit Furcoat

tracks highlight: Rise Up with Fists, The Charging Sky, You Are What You Love, Handle with Care

Performing at the Opera House on March 16, 2006

On The Stereo: Tilly And The Wall: Wild Like Children, Jawbreaker: Dear You, Taking Back Sunday: S/T, We Are Scientists: With Love And Squalor

i love this... probably the best answer ever!

Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy describes his music:

Q: How would you describe your music?

Owen Pallett: Well... I'd describe my music as being like the feeling you get when you meet your boyfriend's parents for the first time. And you're white and they're Asian. So you're really happy to be meeting the parents of the boy you love. But you're also on your best behaviour, you don't want to seem like a racist "white devil" or anything. So you're doing your best to not say anything insensitive or presumptuous. Then you realize that your caution is itself pretty presumptuous, and you're probably looking really distant and disinterested. So you're super happy, but also delicately trying to walk that line between being too comfortable and being too detached. That's how I'd best describe what I do.

silverstein cover on american idol... disturbing...

mr. pibb and red vines equals crazy delicious