Thursday, October 19, 2006

out this week

In response to Brendan Uriem's comment ("Emo is bullshit. We want to be the new Radiohead.")... probably one of the funniest quotes of the year, go pick up World Waits by Jeremy Enigk - one of the most significant songwriters of the 90s. Enigk, along with Blake Schwartzenbach are the fathers of modern emo... they lay down the blueprint for the next generation of emo music. I posted the entire album back while I was in Japan, that means you had about three months now to listen (and hopefully by now, is in love) with World Waits... so go support one of the most important men in indie music history.

Been Here Before
River To Sea
City Tonight
Damien Dreams
Wayward Love
World Waits

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go buy World Waits here

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Robin said...

hey jackman can you post the rest of this album? thanks,