Sunday, October 08, 2006

exclusive: beast moans

Hey people, sorry for the non-update-day yesterday... I was crazy busy getting art supplies and doing some incredibly messy printings. Anyways, first, I have to repost the newish Portishead song up for Tricia. Oh yea, you all know Tricia, right? If not, she is that other member of this blog but has yet to post one single thing... it’s ok Tricia, I don’t hate you.

Portishead - Requiem For Anna (Un Jour Comme Un Autre - Anna)

Second, to make up for my absent yesterday, I have uploaded the entire Swan Lake album, Beast Moans, for your enjoyment. Swan Lake features members from Destroyer, New Pornographers, Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, and Frog Eyes. Since I am not a fan of any of those bands, I did not give a crap about this band at first. However, I like to give... or at least try to give all music a try. So, I checked out Swan Lake, and to my surprise, Beast Moans is actually not too bad!

1. Widow's Walk
2. Nubile Days
3. City Calls
4. A Venue Called Rubella
5. All Fires
6. The Partisan But He's Got To Know
7. The Freedom
8. Petersburg, Liberty Theater, 1914
9. The Pollenated Girls
10. Bluebird
11. Pleasure Vessels
12. Are You Swimming In Her Pools?
13. Shooting Rockets

***all files expire in 7 days

Beast Moans comes out on November 21, you can preorder here.

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