Monday, October 30, 2006

if it's never dark - how you going to know the sun when it shines?

Woohoo!!!!... What a way to being the week! I finally received my Accident & Emergency CD and 7" singles in the mail today. The photo above is from the 7", I love those gold shoes!!! Anyways, the CD single contains two b-sides: a cover of Eva Eden's "Underworld" and "Adder" while the 7" has a live version of "The Childcatcher"… I don’t know how to hook my record player up to my laptop (if anyone knows, leave instructions in the comment area)… but I have uploaded the single as well as the two b-sides, you can download them, but be sure to go and purchase the single in CD or 7"... or both... and keep supporting the delightful music by Patrick Wolf!

Accident & Emergency [wicked-cool song]
Underworld [wicked-cool song]
Adder [wicked-cool song]
***files have expired, reload upon request

buy Accident & Emergency here


Liam said...

gay magicians with pom poms! oh my!

lauren said...

you have the best blog for all things patrick wolf. keep it up!

Jackman said...

thanks lauren!!!