Monday, October 02, 2006

nuit blanche

Zone A highlights:

"Pharmacopia" by AA Bronson, Felix Partz, and Jorge Zontal

Three gigantic pill sculptures hung high in the Cumberland Privae Wealth Management space at Yorkvile Ave.

"Fog in Toronto #71624" by Fujko Nakaya
This was definitely one of my favorites of the night: part of the Philosopher’s Walk was cover by fog created by smoke machines. This space was also accompanied by bright colour lights. The space felt like a warzone or alien invasion… there was a feel of frantic and fear of the unknown among visitors... very cool!!!!

"Counting Sheep" by Michael Snow
A DVD projection of sheep walking about in a field... sounds boring, right? No, not when it was projected onto the dome of the planetarium at the ROM.

"Noche en Havana" by Carlos Garaicoa

There were some incredible photographs and artworks by Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa in that space... I think this exhibit is staying at the ROM for a while; it is definitely worth a visit!

Zone B highlights

"Roy & Silo’s Gay Divorce" by John Greyson and David Wall
This exhibit was held at Harrison Baths and Swimming Pool on Stephanie Street. Videos installations were placed in the locker room, shower area, and the pool area. In addition, the pool was also filled with balloon penguins and people were actually swimming in it... very cool!

Nuit Blanche at 401 Richmond
This old “factory” building featured many galleries... and I mean many... the first floor of the building had at least 10/15 exhibitions… highlights include the Alone exhibit by Jennifer Campbell, Kate Greenslade, Marisa Portolese, and Lori Newdick at Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, with photographs by Kate Greenslade being my absolute favorite in that exhibit! There was also this exhibit were Millie and I were given flashlights, and we have to walk through the pure dark galleries with them... that was definitely innovative! …and fun!

Zone C highlights

"Revolutionary Song/Chanon a mourir" by Istvan Kantor

Alright, this was my ultimate favorite thing at Nuit Blanche!!!!!! The performance/installation was located at a huge parking lot at Queen West. There was a giant screen setup with crazy video that the artist made. It depicts the idea of mayhem, destruction, and liberation… or something like that. In addition, performances stood on two giant platforms raving flags and throwing things at a burning fire in the middle of the lot. Finally, the artist himself, Istvan Kantor walks around singing alone to he song featured on the video projection. This was not only very entertaining, but the installation and the short film was extremely well done! Istvan Kantor is brilliant!!

"The Public Sleeping Performance" by Nichola Feldman-Kiss
This was also another performance/installation piece. The title is actually what it was... Nichola Feldman-Kiss, the artist, sleeping in a glass box... that was her piece.

Other highlights include disco dancing inside a tent at Hart House; watching random artists create paintings, etc; "Son(ic)ambulism" at Edward johnson Building at U of T; "Watery Grave" exhibit at University College; "Swing Space: Wallworks" at the AGO; "Electronic Sky" at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

You can see all the pictures from my adventures at Nuit Blanche here.

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