Friday, October 06, 2006

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I don’t know what it is, but I have taken an interest in instrumental music this year... but enough about me. Without a doubt, you can call The Hylozoists a Toronto indie supergroup… it features members from Broken Social Scene, The Weakerthans, FemBots, Tricky Woo, Cuff the Duke… and according to this source, Owen Pallette from Final Fantasy. Oh yeah, and you guessed it right, The Hylozoists is an instrumental band. Their latest disc, La Fin Du Monde, features some beautiful compositions... they really put the xylophone into good use in some of the tracks! A few of the songs remind me of the soundtrack from both volumes of Kill Bill, in particular "Elementary Particles" and "Warning Against Judging a Christian Brother", while others could be scored in the background of your favorite movies. La Fin Du Monde is like a movie soundtrack... or a collection of songs from various films. As a result, songs like "Straight are the Gate" and "La Fin Du Monde" embed heroic and triumphant qualities in them. Lastly, like many other instrumental albums (eg, The Album Leafs), La Fin Du Monde features a few vocal tracks; in this case, "Hearts And Harps" being my favorite.

Elementary Particles
Smiley Smiley
Straight is the Gate
Hearts And Harps
[wicked-cool song]
Warning Against Judging a Christian Brother
La Fin Du Monde

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