Tuesday, October 24, 2006

they don’t need to search any further

Senses Fail is one of those bands I discovered from the very beginning: being one of the few owners of the original From the Depths of Dreams EP (before the Drive-Thru re-release), they were on the top of my 'bands to watch for list' four long years ago. Indeed, they became somewhat popular among the scene, and they even got signed to Vagrant, one of the hottest labels these days. Unfortunately, for me, the whole "screamo" thing became cliché and generic and all their releases after the original EP sucked crap!!! Fast forward to 2006, Senses Fail recorded a brand new album entitled Still Searching; this time, with way less hype, and a rather low-key campaign. So, being extremely disappointed by every releases but one little EP, I decided, "why not waste more time listening to crap music!" Well, I must say, Senses Fail hit all the right notes with Still Searching and for sure, it is the surprise release of the year! The album is full of classic Senses Fail energy: their signature high-power rapid drum and base sound! Instead of focusing on where to scream and where to insert the hooks, Still Searching is more or less a rock album. It is more musically developed compared to their other records; with a clever mixtures of loud and quiet tracks. The last two songs, which consist of an instrumental track ("Negative Space") and a slow-ish track ("The Priest and the Matador"), are just absolutely perfect to end the record – the mood and tempo is just right, leaving the listeners longing for more Senses Fail! So, with that being said, I think both old and newer Senses Fail fans will definitely find Still Searching to be their finest release, and with so many copy-cat "screamo"/wannabe hardcore bands out there now-a-days, it somehow stood out for me.

The Rapture
Sick or Sane (Fifty For a Twenty)
[wicked-cool song]
Calling All Cars
Shark Attack
Still Searching
[wicked-cool song]
All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Negative Space
[wicked-cool song]
The Priest and the Matador [wicked-cool song]
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