Thursday, October 19, 2006

if you never lose, how you gonna know when you won

In case you missed the two radio shows that Patrick Wolf did the other day, you can download them below!

Some key things Mr. Wolf discussed on the two shows:
He recorded a Bloc Party remix!!!
Cocorosie is remixing Patrick Wolf!!!
Huge tour next year including dates in Japan and North America!!!

Live on BBC 6 with Tom Robinson (October, 17, 2006) [wicked-cool show]

performance without the interview

1. Land's End [wicked-cool song]
2. London [wicked-cool song]
3. Accident And Emergency [super-wicked-cool song]

Live on XFM with John Kennedy (October 17, 2006) [wicked-cool show]

performance without the interview

1. Wolf Song [super-wicked-cool song]
2. The Railway House [wicked-cool song]
3. Overture [super-wicked-cool song]

***all files expire in 7 days [reposted on Dec 2, 2006]


Liam said...

Clearly Patty has been parsing through H&M women's section too much lately.

Anonymous said...

Please put the songs back on, I missed the radio shows and would very much like to hear them. I'd wondered what "Overture" was called when I'd heard it live - thanks for the mp3! So come on now, open wide!

Jackman said...

overture is so beautiful!!!! ...and i'm in the middle of uploading the songs, they should available very soon!

Matt M said...

overture isnt up, you doubled up railway house

Jackman said...

overture is up!