Saturday, July 01, 2006

they said boys are messy, but you know girls just made the mess

Alright... because I love you all so much, here's one more update before I take a break for the long weekend.
Men Women & Children’s self-titled release could easily be the funniest and catchiest album of the year. It is a post punk dance pop record done perfectly. Men Women & Children is better known to many as the ex-GlassJaw guitarist - Todd Weinstock’s band. To me, it is a much superior project than the other GlassJaw related dance/pop record (sorry Mr. Palumbo). It combines limitless genres such as soul, r & b, disco, punk, rock, 80s pop… Men Women & Children is like an old Michael Jackson record meets The Rapture/The Faint, it is a hyper poppy dance-o-matic machine. If you want something fun to listen to during this long weekend, be should to check out Men Women & Children, it is the only record you need to start a sexy dance party! Damn... I don't know why I am not in bed yet... I have to be up in like less than five hours... ew!

Dance In My Blood [wicked-cool song]
Photosynthesis (We're Losing O2)
Who Found Mr. Fabulous?

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buy Men Women & Children here


Anonymous said...

Not bad, not bad at all. I still think Head Automatica is catchier, but I'll admit, this band, unlike most of the other shit you put on your blog, is pretty good. I couldn't get the Cursive album...linx brother, linx.
Toe Tappingly,

lhvdbpen said...

Wow. That is one orgy of genres.