Wednesday, July 05, 2006

so wave goodbye to living alone, i think we've found our home

I finally started moving stuffs to my new place on Maitland and Church. Millie and I put today a coffee table, a chair, and a bookshelf yesterday... I love putting furniture together! They are like Lego for adults! Oh, I also saw the new Superman movie, let me just say, it was very long. Anyways, I think that is all for now... I am working on a new 'A to Z list', so look for that very soon; but for now, I leave you with this Patrick Wolf video I found on YouTube:

This video is so cute!!! Patrick Wolf has really short hair in it... and I love the part where he forgot the lyrics and sang "next year, please let me remember the words to my songs..."

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Robin said...

hey, that's cool, I can't wait to see your apt! I was figuring that on saturday morning and early afternoon we could move a bunch of stuff cause later on I'm meeting up with Natasha, I haven't seen her in ages and i think anya is erasing my phone messages to her, what a bitch eh! Anyways, I think i got perfect on my quiz! I was the last one out though, i didn't get out till like 9:35 and i didn't want to be rushing plus i had to get up early today, but i'm glad to hear that superman was long, i probably would have just fallen asleep anyways! See ya tonight, i can't wait!