Wednesday, July 05, 2006

how did I let her inside?

I am bringing Robin to the Head Automatica, Angels & Airwaves, and Taking Back Sunday show for an early birthday celebration tonight. It'll be interesting as this is my first stadium show in a very long time! I am sure that it will be a refreshing change seeing expensive stage props, fireworks, high-tech-lights, and other craziness they have in stadium shows. I will give a review and hopefully have some pictures of the show in a few days.

Head Automatica - Candy Warhol
Angels & Airwaves - Do It For Me Now
TBS - Brooklyn
TBS - Sleep

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Robin said...

Yay Jackman! this is a "super wicked-cool" birthday present! You're da bomb! Want to meet me at my place at 4:30?

Jackman said...

maybe.... i was planning on going to my place to move more things in... give me a call.

Robin said...

ok, maybe i'll stop over at your place before i go home, cause my boss isnt in today so i think i'll leave at like 3:30ish

millie said...

hahah robin's saying ish now! have fun at the concert you guys!

Robin said...

haha!! it's a word that allows me to be early or late!! ISH! thanks millie :)