Friday, August 17, 2007

you leave behind a trail of destruction

When I was shopping for music in Japan a few months ago, I was given this flyer/buyers’ guide in HMV that suggested people to buy an album called Raise The Alarm by The Sunshine Underground if they are into Klaxons. Naturally, I went to check out the suggested band’s MySpace to find that they sounded nothing like Klaxons! I was very disappointed and eventually forgot about the band... until about a week ago. For whatever reason, the band’s name popped into my head and I wanted to hear them. This time, I actually listened to the entire album and enjoyed it. Instead of comparing Raise The Alarm to Klaxons, the flyer should have compared the album to The Rapture. A fair portion of Raise The Alarm has very similar musical structures as The Rapture; in particular, the drumming rhythms as well as the vocal deliveries. On the other hand, there is the odd song like "Borders", which sounds like something by The Twilight Sad. In short, Raise The Alarm is entertaining, The Sunshine Underground sounds nothing like Klaxons, and no one should ever trust the recommendations from HMV flyers from Japan!

Put In Your Place
Dead Scene
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Anonymous said...

i like sunshine underground a lot, and youre right, they sound nothing like the klaxons.