Monday, August 27, 2007

in the cold cathedrals

New Patrick Wolf blog:

Oh my
Its one of those nights,
I cant sit still.. ive been listening to old cdrs all night of backing tracks I made for
songs when I was 16 and making new lyrics up.. getting beats going that were made on atari in a rundown teenage runaway house in richmond...
I get this sometimes, its super creativity
overload, who knows where it all leads to, full moon, half moon, total eclipse.

I was very inspired after reading and leed festivals, thankyou so much for coming,
the monitors at reading were absolutely abismal so it made it very hard for me and my band to do a good job, it helps if you can hear what you are playing especially with string instruments so that you can pitch correctly. Four piece rock and roll band set ups were not really made for double bass, violin and viola let alone electronics, oh I wont complain as the show felt amazing and you all left me feeling like a dream had come true somewhere in the ether so thankyou.

So anyway, its almost six in the morning and theres still no sign of feeling sleepy, Im listening to my archive and thats a little like opening up the photo album you should have thrown away when you were seventeen.

Very soon I will be able to announce new usa, japan, australia and u.k tours, I should be singing right up until december, then starts a self imposed non public phase of my next year when I will dissapear into the studio to make my fourth.

Must go now, to feel my insomnia, sit infront of a piano, feel to much, think not enough or perhaps the other way round. All in the palm of your hands my darlins...

Right now, the dictaphone recordings I made in the cathedral of st eustache in paris are coming on the cd player, I was 17 on a mission to find some joy in my heart somewhere away, away from the city I was born in.. I think I found it that day judging by what im hearing....

Good night or good morning, wherever you may be

xxx patrick


Anonymous said...

Still waiting for those dates, hope there are more shows in Australia this time!!!!

Emma said...

he's taking forever with those new tour dates!