Monday, August 06, 2007

"like AIR with balls"

Is there such a music category called psychedelic electrionica? Probably not, but if there is, Black Moth Super Rainbow would fall right in that genre. The group’s latest record, Dandelion Gum is filled with bizarre sounding, out of tune organ and keyboard, rhythmatic percussion, and last by not least, robot voices. In comparison, this album obtains the style of The Unicorns, the rhythm of Ratatat, and the mood of M83. Dandelion Gum could have easily been a score to any 70s/80s B-Horror film. Particularly, films by Dario Argento... Goblin’s mighty score on Suspiria could have very well been replaced by Dandelion Gum!

They Live in the Meadow
Neon Syrup for the Cemetery Sisters
When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue Wall of Gum
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