Friday, August 03, 2007

heaven is a feeling I get in your arms

Sometime before Fur And Gold, Bat For Lashes recorded a handful of demos. With the exception of "Howl!" and Nico’s "Le Pettit Chevalier" intro to "Trophy", the rest of the demos made it onto Fur And Gold. Although they all sound somewhat different compared to their final versions, these demo are still magnificent; and without a doubt, they foreshadowed Natasha Khan’s talented bright future in the music scene.

[songs re-posted on March 28, 2008]
Howl! [wicked-cool song]
Le Pettit Chevalier/Trophy [super-wicked-cool song]
Seal Jubilee [wicked-cool song]
What’s A Girl To Do [wicked-cool song]
I Saw A Light [wicked-cool song]
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Anonymous said...

Thanks. The "Seal Jubilee" demo is beautiful!