Friday, August 31, 2007


So the other day, I discovered this bright young band called Tiny Masters of Today. And I do mean young, the group consists of 13-year-old Ivan and 11-year-old Ada. I am kind of in love with Tiny Masters of Today mainly because they are two kids making rebellious punk songs! They even have an anti-Bush song on their debut record, Bang Bang Boom Cake, how cool is that?!?! Sure, the music is simple and the majority of the lyrics are very cliché, but come on, we can’t really expect genius song-writing from two early teens! Nevertheless, Bang Bang Boom Cake is highly amusing and Tiny Masters of Today are so much better than 80% of the so-called punk bands out there!

Stickin' It to the Man [wicked-cool song]
Hologram World [wicked-cool song]
Trendsetter [wicked-cool song]
Bushy [wicked-cool song]

Hey Mr. DJ (CSS Remix) download via Pitchfork
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Tiny Masters of Today: Bang Bang Boom Cakebuy Bang Bang Boom Cake here

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