Monday, August 13, 2007


Patrick Wolf has updated his MySpace blog:

It has been an inspiring weekend for me,
the underage festival was like setting buckingham palace
on fire at a jubilee although only 24 i still feel like im fifteen living
a pretend adult life, that is how I want to be forever
the energy of youth and new generations is so exciting
that there is a hunger for new sounds and visions
and ideologies that I am so glad to be reminded still exists.
In my bad teenage days I used to be able to get into
any show I wanted, It was only when I turned 21 did I start
being ID for my age, I was 6ft3 or so by the age of twelve and covered
in makeup but still, those days were easier on teenage thirsty ears.

In the past five years, the government has restricted so much
of the fun and feelings you deserve. I spend so much time trying to get
people who arent allowed in on the guestlist before a show because they are underage
and it makes me feel like were living in the 1950's all over.

Restriction of music, restriction of choice, shift all focus on terror and control, The english government is denying new generations of a healthy musical upbringing and its becoming boring. If it means all venues are over 18 these days, then I will try my hardest to play halls and bandstands and anywhere where music can be heard for everyone.

I have also become bored of being branded a swedish stripper by "perez soulless vacuous im sorry your life is so superficial gustav mahlers dog will be waiting for you in the afterlife to eat you hilton" Has no body seen "Orlando" by Sally Potter? Read the Leigh Bowery Biography? Watched "Jubilee" by Derek Jarman? I come from these worlds, these are my heroes, heroines,, a naked body does not offend me in any way, it can be used as a communication device, a performance piece. It need not be perfect and there is no such thing as perfection when it comes to the body. I let myself go to my music, sometimes its hot onstage, sometimes its cold.. sometimes the music makes me feel. I do not apologise.

Monday is about to start, my virginal is in the corner and needs tuning today, the hot kensington sun has made the wood stretch and the strings burn into a hazy summer tuning, I have so many songs to finish, the fourth album is becoming an epic, i have discovered alot of old beats and songs and I am definitely working with Alec Empire on a couple of tracks, I will begin recording in September and have plans to tour America, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia before the year is through. Exciting times ahead now.. dont be afraid of the dark.. speaking of the dark....

I have been working on a film soundtrack for a film called "No Ghosts" by John Jenkinson, a long term good friend of mine, and while only in the early stages, he has given me a link where you can find out a little bit what the whole thing is about
the excerpt you hear is called "the days" and was recorded in Vienna.
and here it is...

no ghosts

enjoy the summer my peoples... a tip for the day,
take a boat on a lake and fall asleep and turn your phone off
all the love and then some more xxx patrick wolf


Liam said...

But don't forget sunscreen.
xoxo Liam

Jackman said...

xoxo Jackman