Thursday, August 02, 2007

put you in a tiny box that's filled with our victims

I am quite surprised at how much I am enjoying Kevin Drew’s solo debut Spirit If... For some reason, I was very skeptical and thought that it would be a terrible album; but boy, was I wrong! In a way, Spirit If... is like another Broken Social Scene record, with 20 less members. Although Kevin Drew was unable to create the same grand sound like BSS, he did managed to produce some very complex and layered music. The wonderfully uneven and unorderly dynamics of "Farewell To The Pressure Kids" starts off Spirit If... with a bang! This big and triumphant sound is also carried throughout the record from tracks such as "Lucky Ones Back" and "Out On The...". In contrast, "Tbtf", "Safety Bricks", and "Gang Bang Suicide" convey a very melodic and unwinding sensation that closely resembles to songs from the To Be You And Me EP. Nevertheless, much like BSS, Kevin Drew was able to generate the same psychedelic feel in Spirit If... In other words, the music from BSS, and now Kevin Drew have the ability to make one wanders off somewhere else, they kind of make one daydreams... which is for most parts, a wonderful feeling.

Farewell To The Pressure Kids [wicked-cool song]
Lucky Ones
Gang Bang Suicide
Big Love
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Spirit If... comes out on September 18th, you can pre-order it here


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