Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the talented mr. zach condon

Before Beirut, Zach Condon recorded under the name The Real People. In 2001, he recorded an album entitled The Joys of Losing Weight, which was (at the time) only given to close friends and it was never released. The musical style of The Real People is rather different compared to Beirut as The Joys of Losing Weight explored a more electronica/pop sound. Further, sometime before the release of Gulag Orkestar, Condon recorded an EP called Pompeii. Similarly, the two track EP, which included "Fountains and Tramways" (aka "Untitled 19" from The Joys of Losing Weight) and "Napoleon on the Bellerophon", also incorporated an electronica/pop style.

from The Joys of Losing Weight by The Real People:
Untitled 2
Untitled 4
Untitled 8 [wicked-cool song]
Untitled 14
Untitled 17

from Pompeii EP by Beirut:
Fountains and Tramways [wicked-cool song]
Napoleon on the Bellerophon [wicked-cool song]
***file expires in 7 days or until bandwidth reaches its limit

Over the weekend, I searched YouTube for some live Beirut videos; after watching some amazing performance, I am even more excited about Beirut’s upcoming tour! Make sure you go check out Beirut live this fall!

09-23 Princeton, NJ - Terrace F Club
09-24 New York, NY - Society for Ethical Culture
09-26 New York, NY - Delacorte Theater
09-30 Montreal, Quebec - La Sala Rossa
10-02 Toronto, Ontario - Danforth Music Hall
10-04 Chicago, IL - Portage Theater
10-08 San Francisco, CA - Herbst Theater
10-09 San Francisco, CA - Herbst Theater
10-10 Los Angeles, CA - Avalon

buy Gulag Orkestar here
buy Lon Gisland EP here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the downloads!!!!

Tim said...

Thanks also, I wanted to hear those songs badly but wasn't able to find them anywhere!

Anonymous said...

i think the songs have expired, can you repost them please.

Jackman said...

i'll have those songs up asap!

Jackman said...

the songs are up again, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much!!

Rose said...

i think they expired again.
do you mind re posting them?
also, where did you download the joys of losing weight?
i've been looking everywhere for it but no such luck.

Jackman said...

Hey Rose, if you email me (j11c@hotmail.com) your email address, I can send you the entire thing of The Joys of Losing Weight!

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