Monday, October 22, 2007

your eyes: they convey all i despise with one glazed glance in my direction

In just a day, Max Bemis and company are back for Say Anything’s highly-highly anticipated follow-up to their 2004’s masterpiece …Is a Real Boy. For this forthcoming double disc album, In Defense of the Genre, Bemis managed to recruit a very impressive list of helpful hands including Matt Skiba, Gerard Way, Trever Keith, Chris Conley, Chris Carrabba, and Adam Lazzara to just name a few. Although disc one deals with death, drugs, rehab, and betrayal, it contains the same amusingly ironic and sarcastic tone that made the first Say Anything record great. Bemis has a way of juxtaposing his lyrics with unconventional musical styles. The "Juicy Fruit" sample in "No Soul" and the Tin Pan Alley sounding track, "That Is Why" are just two prefect examples. The tone of the second disc seems very different. The music is slightly harder sounding while the lyrics are more aggressive and nasty to chronicle the narrator’s anger, misery and downfall. Personally, I found that many multiple discs releases lack solidness; I feel that there are often too many not-so-great fillers and lazy instrumentation tracks. What I like about In Defense of the Genre is that about 90% of the songs are excellent; thus, making the double disc set an overall brilliant and tremendously entertaining record.

Skinny, Mean Man [wicked-cool song]
That Is Why [wicked-cool song]
Sorry, Dudes, My Bad [wicked-cool song]

In Defense of The Genre [wicked-cool song]
We Killed It [wicked-cool song]
Hangover Song [wicked-cool song]
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Say Anything: In Defense of the GenreIn Defense of the Genre comes out tomorrow, you can pre-order it here

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