Saturday, October 20, 2007

computer, tell me what I am not contempt or in love with a simple feeling

I immediately identified To My Boy’s similarity to The Futureheads right from the very beginning of the duo’s debut full-length, Messages meanly for their vocal style and 80s retro-inspiring sound. Although Messages is supported by a single vocalist for the most part, the record ended sounding very much like the triple-threat a cappella style of The Futureheads... and sometimes even like the 80s supergroup, Men Without Hats! Further, the mega eletro dance music makes Messages catchy as hell and unbelievably fun. While they are not the first group to do so, To My Boy successfully took an old genre and resurrected and enhanced it with the help of laptop technologies; and in the end, the duo’s debut effort is truly, positively mesmerizing.

Tell Me, Computer [wicked-cool song]
I Am Xray [wicked-cool song]
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Tim said...

those songs are freakin awesome!