Monday, October 29, 2007

pumpkin soup as warm as an evening sun

I'm sure most of you Wolf fanatics have read this already; but just incase, Patrick Wolf posted a new message on MySpace this morning entitled "HalloWdreamS":

Dear all

I am setting up my first record label to take care of the digital release
of my back catalogue. I will also be encouraging you to send me music.
so that we can take over the world with new sounds and productions
the first popstar on my label Bloody Chamber Music (BCM) will be
The Craig Template with his new video that was made SONG OF THE DAY on recently. click on craigs Last Nite to get a window into the wonderful world of craig template.

Before that there will be the releases of wind in the wires and lycanthropy
with new digital booklets and videoscapes for you to engage and get lost in sometime in the early 2008.

Thankyou so much to all who gave me such positivity during the american and canadian tour, it was an amazing adventure that I cant wait to repeat again with new songs and messages
to be delivered and shared with you.

I was sent a link to this video today and it encapsulates for me the great joy and magic that passed between you and I on those wonderful evenings so I thought i would share it with y'all. After all... "There's a whole generation with a new explanation
People in motion people in motion"

love and good luck and hair of the dog to all of you good fighters dreamers wishers witches shy creatures magic beasts dirty bastards human treasures.. let your days be full of wonder... im off to the park to see some peacocks and get me some waffles.

to those of you who shared the plague with me.. thankyou. singing with the sense of sound choir and a band of genius musicians has fuelled me with fire to get the next record out of the hermits cave and into our brave new world

ok, must go... dont be afraid of the dark, wrap up warm... halloween is on her way..

xxx patrick

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