Tuesday, October 09, 2007

perhaps no person in the twentieth century had a larger impact in north american society than margaret singer

I’ve been getting these annoying headaches over the past few days or so, mostly due to the lack of sleep from too much excitement and from endless school work. Being the music fanatic I am, I have my music to cure each sickness (most of you know about my Bob Dylan routine)... at the moment, Slow Six’s album Private Times In Public Places is my medicine for the ongoing headaches simply for the fact that it is a gorgeous album! The opening track, "This Is Your Last Chance (Before I Sleep)" beings with radio tuning: sounds such as white noise, baseball commentaries, talk show, etc. This technological confusion is eventually drowned by the scenically quiet and calming melodies carried by the Rhodes piano, electric guitar, and the violin. Ultimately, the violin crescendo at 18:00 put the finishing touches to this picturesque opening track. "Evening Without Atonement" acts as a continuation of the calming sensation that the first track had on the listeners; however, towards to last half of the song, there seem to be a developing sense of urgency. In "The Lines We Walked When We Walked Once Together", the closing track to Private Times In Public Places, urgency turns into confusion and later, panic. Fortunately, the hostile and chaos plunges into nothingness at 17:00 and the feeling of possibility begins and finishes off this absolutely imaginative album.

This Is Your Last Chance (Before I Sleep) [wicked-cool song]
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Slow Six: Private Times In Public Placesbuy Private Times In Public Places here

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