Friday, October 05, 2007

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Not only does Battle and Victory features Nancy Elizabeth’s mesmerizing voice, but the production is incredibly stunning as well. Nancy Elizabeth is not just another typical female singer/songwriter; what sets her debut album apart is Elizabeth’s experimentation with unique and unconventional instruments such as the khim and appalachian dulcimer. As a result, instrumental tracks like "8 Brown Legs" and "What Is Human" are as engaging as the ones with Elizabeth’s vocal. The melodies on "I'm Like the Paper", "Off with Your Axe", and many others on the album are arranged in such a way that reminds me of Joanna Newsom while the playfulness of "Coriander" reminds me of St. Vincent. There have been a number of outstanding debut records so far this year; and without a doubt, Nancy Elizabeth’s refreshingly organic sounding album is one of them!

Off with Your Axe [wicked-cool song]
Coriander [wicked-cool song]
8 Brown Legs [wicked-cool song]
Hey Son
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Nancy Elizabeth: Battle and Victorybuy Battle and Victory here

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