Tuesday, October 16, 2007

out this week

Thrice: The Alchemy Index: Vol. I & II: Fire & Water
The first two volumes of Thrice’s most ambitious project are out this week. Volumes three and four of The Alchemy Index will be out in April of 2008.

from Fire:
The Messenger
The Arsonist

from Water:

Lost Continent [wicked-cool song]
The Whaler [wicked-cool song]

buy The Alchemy Index: Vol. I & II: Fire & Water here

Jimmy Eat World: Chase This Light
I haven’t liked a JEW record since Clarity... but then, how can you top such an influential album. Chase This Light is not half bad, although many of the emotionally genuine qualities the band once had are now transfixed into cheesy pop songs.

Big Casino
Gotta Be Somebody's Blues

buy Chase This Light here

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