Friday, October 19, 2007

i know which side you're on

Without a doubt, Thursday is one of the most important and most influential contemporary punk rock/post-hardcore bands in the past decade. On October 30, the band will release a retrospective DVD/CD entitled Kill The House Lights. The DVD/CD package includes a documentary film, three brand new tracks, plus nine addition b-sides, demos, live recordings, and alternate takes. This astonishing collection is ultimately a gift for older Thursday fans. For long time fans like myself, not only am I overly thrilled to hear the original mix for "How Long is the Night?" as well as demo versions of "Paris In Flames" and "Wind-Up", but there is also a nostalgic feeling when I hear these songs. As mentioned earlier, Kill The House Lights also features three brand new Thursday songs. Of those three, the highlight would have to be the opening track, "Ladies And Gentlemen My Brother, The Failure" as it resembles the fast-tempo and aggressive energy from the band’s War All The Time period. The CD portion of Kill The House Lights is absolutely satisfying and I cannot wait to watch the DVD part of this marvelous retrospective package!

Ladies And Gentlemen My Brother, The Failure [wicked-cool song]
How Long is the Night? (Original Introduction Mix) [wicked-cool song]
Panic On the Streets of Health Care City [wicked-cool song]
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Thursday: Kill The House LightsKill The House Lights comes out on October 30th, you can pre-order it here

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