Thursday, October 04, 2007

out this week

Anti-Flag: A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime
The proceeds of this album will be going to the The Center for Victims of Violence and Crime ( as well as educational bonds. This limited pressing album features five new Anti-Flag studio tracks along with five live songs.

Anthem For The New Millenium Generation
1 Trillion Dollars (Live) [wicked-cool song]

buy A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime here

Babyshambles: Shotter's Nation
Pete Doherty is on top of his game once again and Shotter’s Nation echoes the good old days of The Libertines.

Carry On Up The Morning [wicked-cool song]
Side Of The Road [wicked-cool song]
Lost Art Of Murder [wicked-cool song]

buy Shotter's Nation here
please note that Shotter's Nation is out this week in the UK only, it will come out in North America on October 23rd

PJ Harvey: White Chalk
Polly’s latest masterpiece is out in North America this week.

Broken Harp [wicked-cool song]
The Mountain [wicked-cool song]

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Jakobinarina: The First Crusade
The combination of The Hives and Art Brut’s humours and attitudes make The First Crusade a very appealing record.

His Lyrics Are Disastrous [wicked-cool song]
I'm A Villain

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Idiot Pilot: Wolves
Wolves is available in North America through the band's online store and live shows starting this week; however, the album will not be in stores until January 2008. That means you can get this additively enjoyable alternative rock album months before its actual street date.

Retina And The Sky
Red Museum [wicked-cool song]

buy Wolves here

The Most Serene Republic: Population

The Men Who Live Upstairs

buy Population here

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