Thursday, May 04, 2006

what will they think of next!?!?

As I was browsing through my weekly alternative newspapers on the subway, I came across this article on NOW under 'technology'... more specifically, the 'techtoys' (haha) section.

iBuzz Music-Activated Sex Toy: A sex toy that sings. Plug the iBuzz into your portable music player and get off to your favourite tune. The bullet vibrates in time to the music and more intensely the louder you make it. Gives new meaning to the lyric "I've got the music in me."

I seriously thought it was a joke... you never know what those hipster kids at NOW will come up with... but no, the thing is real! Go to and you can read how it works as well as purchase the thing. WTF!!!! This is way too funny... and I thought nothing could top the Japanese and their Stop The Aids condom jelly!!

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