Thursday, May 18, 2006

get ready for some old school country blues

Micah Blue Smaldone plays music that I have been looking for: old 1920/30s county blues music. Really, if you just listen to the music without having any knowledge of the band, you would think that Micah Blue Smaldone is from the pre-WWII era. The musical style is nostalgic, and even the recording quality sounds rusty and classic. When listening to Some Sweet Day, I can’t help but immediately associate it with Hank Williams and Robert Johnson. (Sorry for such generic comparisons, but I don’t have an extensive knowledge of county blues) Williams’ style can be heard right from the opening track "Springtime Blues", especially in the lines "everybody got a sweetheart except for me…" My face filled with excitements when I heard yodeling in "Some Sweet Day", which is most likely influenced by Jimmie Rodgers. That is then followed by the instrumental steel guitar solo track "Blind Boy Rag", which is also a pretty damn sweet song! Even though Some Sweet Day sounds old and 'out of style', the music is surprisingly refreshing. There is no current band/release that sounds like Micah Blue Smaldone’s Some Sweet Day. The album is nearly perfect, and I am sure this will most likely end up in my best of 2006 list!

Springtime Blues
Old Dog Blues
Some Sweet Day
[wicked-cool song]
Blind Boy Rag
In the Jailhouse Now

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