Sunday, May 21, 2006

thank you mc lars for recommending this film

Wow, it seems like the only time I update this blog now is really late at night. I just got home maybe an hour ago and I can’t sleep. Anyways, to the main point of this post: everyone needs to see a movie called Loose Change 2nd Edition. It is a 9/11 conspiracy film. It is an excellently made and well researched movie... the conspiracies presented by the filmmakers are chilly and very real! If you watch only one movie this year, it should be Loose Change 2nd Edition! It is like knowing that your neighbor’s wife was murdered and you felt sorry for the husband, but then one day, you find out that the husband was the murderer... yes, it is exactly like that... watch the movie and you’ll know what I am talking about!!

You can watch or download Loose Change 2nd Edition for FREE at Google Video

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